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3599765 KIT-ENGINE OVERHAUL Caterpillar parts 3512 KIT
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Caterpillar 3599765 KIT-ENGINE OVERHAUL

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GEN SET ENGINE  3512   Caterpillar
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If collecting a bottle sample, use the same S O S valve (21) and a 169-8373 Bottle Group (22). Refer to Illustration 17.
Record an oil sample from the S O S valve (21) on the filter cart at the beginning of the filter cycle.
Activating the machine's steering and work tools can be hazardous when personnel are working around the machine.Before moving the machine, make sure the machine is on firm level ground. Engage the parking brake. Make sure the area is clear of personnel before activating any work tool.Failure to follow this instruction could result in injury or death.
Note: The hydraulic system filtration can be performed while running the engine.
At the halfway point of filtration, stop the procedure and change the machines hydraulic oil filters. Changing the filters allows the filters to help with the system cleaning. The new filters can remain in place until the next scheduled filter change. Changing the filters currently avoids opening the filter housing after the system has been cleaned. An open filter housing is an inlet for contamination.Note: The machines filters only need replaced if the filters are not working at optimal performance, or scheduled for replacement.
Operate the filter cart until the portable particle analyzers indicates that the oil has reached an ISO cleanliness level of 18/15 or cleaner.Note: A target ISO level does not exist for non-pressurized, non-filtered compartments currently. ISO 18/15 in an acceptable contamination level for oil returned back into this type of compartment.
When the target ISO level or the time interval has been met, close the air supply valve (16) and disconnect the air supply hose (17). Refer to Illustration 11.Note: Refer to "Tooling and Equipment" or "Oil Compartment Filtration Times for 188-3242 Filter Cart", at the end of this document, when a portable particle analyzer is not available.
Disconnect the filter cart discharge hose from the return oil adapter (11). Install the dust caps on the coupler and the nipple. Store the coupler and the nipple in a clean location. Refer to Illustration 7.
Disconnect the filter cart suction hose (15) from the suction adapter (14). Install the dust caps on the coupler and nipple. Store the coupler and nipple in a clean location. Refer to Illustration 10.
Check that the hydraulic oil tank drain valve is CLOSED.
Check the hydraulic tank oil level.
Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks. Most hydraulic contamination is brought into the system from an external source. To provide a long-term benefit, repairs must be completed before the machine is returned to service.
Unblock the wheels.Oil Compartment Filtration Times for 204-7392 Filter Cart
If an on-line portable particle counter is not available to diagnose and track when the contaminant level has lowered to an acceptable point, refer to the following equation. This equation relates to the 204-7392 Filter Cart. Other filtration units have a different equation reference. Units that use a different equation reference will be noted when appropriate. There are various conditions that must be factored into the filtration efficiency of any filter cart and situation. The following

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