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LEVER AS-TILT 2333596 - Caterpillar

2333596 LEVER AS-TILT Caterpillar parts IT62G II, IT62H LEVER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2333596 LEVER AS-TILT
Weight: 101 pounds 45 kg.

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Probable Causes
Incorrect maintenance intervals and/or incorrect oil
Contaminated engine oil
Low oil pressure
Leaks in the air system
Inspect the fuel filters for contamination.Recommended Actions
Note: The procedures have been listed in order of probability. Complete the procedures in order.
Table 1
Troubleshooting Test Steps    Values    Results    
1. Incorrect Maintenance Intervals and/or Incorrect Oil
A. Use engine oil that is recommended and change the engine oil at the interval that is recommended by the engines Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Maintenance Intervals
Result: The engine oil was changed at the interval that is recommended by the engines Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Proceed to Test Step 2.
Result: The engine oil was not changed at the interval that is recommended by the engines Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Use at least the minimum grade of Cat oil.
Repair: Change the engine oil at the interval that is recommended. Repair or replace any damaged parts.
2. Contaminated Engine Oil
A. Obtain an S-O-S oil analysis. The analysis will contribute to a better understanding of oil contamination.
B. Check the oil filter bypass valve.
If the oil filter bypass valve is open, the oil will not be filtered. Check the oil filter bypass valve for a weak spring or for a broken spring. If the spring is broken, replace the spring. Verify that the oil bypass valve is operating correctly. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly manual.
Refer to the Caterpillar guidelines for "Reusability and Salvage/Repair" for determining if the replacement of parts is necessary in order to perform a quality repair.
Result: The oil is contaminated.
Repair: Determine the reason for any contamination of the engine oil and make the necessary repairs. Drain the crankcase and refill the crankcase with clean engine oil. Install new engine oil filters. Refer to the engines Operation and Maintenance Manual.
Result: The oil is not contaminated.
Proceed to Test Step 3.
3. Low Oil Pressure
A. Engine oil that is contaminated with another liquid can cause low engine oil pressure. High engine oil level can be an indication of contamination. Obtain an analysis of the engine oil.
B. The inlet screen of the suction tube for the engine oil pump can have a restriction. This restriction will cause cavitation and a loss of engine oil pressure. Check the inlet screen on the suction tube and remove any material that may be restricting engine oil flow.
When some components of the engine show wear in a short time, the cause can be a restriction in a passage for engine oil. An indicator for the engine oil pressure may indicate sufficient pressure, but a component is worn due to a lack of lubrication. In such a case, look at the passage for the engine oil supply to the component. Refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Lubrication System" for additional information.
Result: The inlet tube has a restriction.
Repair: Clear the obstruction. Verify the repair.
Result: The inlet tube does not have a restriction.
Proceed to Test Step 4.
4. Leaks in Air System
A. A leak in

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