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3157386 LIGHTING GP- Caterpillar parts LIGHTING
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Caterpillar 3157386 LIGHTING GP-

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Illustration 1 g02530179
Periodic inspection and cleaning are recommended for the turbocharger compressor housing (inlet side). Since the fumes from the crankcase are filtered through the air inlet system, oil and combustion by-products may collect in the turbocharger compressor housing.Over time, this buildup can contribute to loss of engine power, increased black smoke and overall loss of engine efficiency. This buildup is only a possible contributor to these factors.If the turbocharger fails during engine operation, damage to the turbocharger compressor wheel and/or to the engine may occur. Damage to the turbocharger compressor wheel could allow parts from the compressor wheel to enter an engine cylinder. Damage to the turbocharger can cause additional damage to the pistons, the valves and the cylinder head.
Turbocharger bearing failures can cause large quantities of oil to enter the air inlet and exhaust systems. Loss of engine lubricant can result in serious engine damage.Minor leakage of a turbocharger housing under extended low idle operation should not cause problems as long as a turbocharger bearing failure has not occurred.When a turbocharger bearing failure is accompanied by a significant engine performance loss (exhaust smoke or engine rpm up at no load), do not continue engine operation until the turbocharger is repaired or replaced.
An inspection of the turbocharger can minimize unscheduled downtime. An inspection of the turbocharger can also reduce the chance for potential damage to other engine parts.Note: Turbocharger components require clearances that are precise. The turbocharger cartridge must be balanced due to high rpm. Severe Applications can accelerate component wear. Severe Applications may suggest the need to inspect the cartridge at more frequent intervals.Removal and Installation
For options regarding the removal, installation, repair, and replacement, consult your dealer. Refer to the Service Manual for this engine or consult your dealer for the procedure and specifications.Cleaning and Inspecting
Remove the exhaust outlet piping and remove the air inlet piping from the turbocharger. Visually inspect the piping for the presence of oil.
Turn the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel by hand. The assembly should turn freely. Inspect the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel for contact with the turbocharger housing. There should not be any visible signs of contact between the turbine wheel or compressor wheel and the turbocharger housing. If there is any indication of contact between the rotating turbine wheel or the turbocharger wheel and the turbocharger housing, the turbocharger should be reconditioned or replaced.
Check the compressor wheel for cleanliness. If only the blade side of the wheel is dirty, dirt and/or moisture is passing through the air filtering system. If oil is found only on the back side of the wheel, there is a possibility of a failed turbocharger oil seal.The presence of oil may be the result of extended engine operation at low idle. The presence of oil may also be the result of a restriction of the line for the inlet air (plugged air filters), which causes the turbocharger to slobber.
Clean the turbocharger housing with standard shop solvents and a soft bristle brush.
Fasten the air inlet

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