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LINE AS-FUEL INJECTION 1247112 - Caterpillar

1247112 LINE AS-FUEL INJECTION Caterpillar parts 651E, 657E, 773B, 775B, D10N LINE
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Caterpillar 1247112 LINE AS-FUEL INJECTION

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Compatible equipment models: 1247112:

TRUCK  773B  
WHEEL TRACTOR  651E   657E   Caterpillar
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start by: a) separation of differential from transmission1. Put the differential on tool (A).2. Disconnect air lines (1). Install a 3/8"-16NC forged eyebolt in pin (2) and remove pin.3. Remove lockwire, bolt and plate (3) and remove pin.4. Remove air cylinder (4).5. Remove two air lines (6). Remove lockwire and bolts (5).6. Make a separation of the air cylinder and remove lever (7).7. Remove bearings from cylinder housing with tooling (B).8. Remove lockwire from collar lockbolt and remove bolt (8).9. Install a 3/8"-16NC forged eyebolt in shift collar pin (9) and remove pin.10. Remove differential lock (10).11. Remove bearings from collar with tooling (C).12. Remove bearings from arm with tooling (B).13. Remove snap ring (11) and remove splined shaft from differential lock.14. Inspect wear strips (12) on lock collar.15. Remove lockwires (13). Remove four nuts (14) and remove two carrier bearing caps (15).16. Fasten a hoist and remove differential assembly. Weight is 250 lb. (118 kg). Remove the adjusting rings and bearing cages (16) from the differential assembly.17. Remove retainer (17) from differential lock and remove retainer ring (18), bearing cup (19) and ring (20) from bearing cage.18. Remove bearing cup (21) and ring (22) from other bearing cage.19. Turn differential housing on opposite end. Remove lockwire (23) and eight nuts (24) from differential housing. Remove differential housing.20. Remove bearing cone (25) from differential housing with tooling (D).21. Remove thrust washer (26) and side gear (27).22. Remove differential pinion gears and spider (3) as an assembly. Then remove thrust washers (29), pinions (31) and floating bearings (28) from the spider.23. Remove side gear (32) and thrust washer (33) from differential housing.24. Remove lockwire (34) and bolts (35) that hold the bevel gear to the differential housing and make the bevel gear free of the housing. Turn housing over. Remove cone with tooling (E).25. Put differential on tooling (F) and remove locks and bolts (36) from pinion cage.26. Install two 1/2"-13NC forcing screws (37) into pinion cage.27. Remove pinion cage (38) and shims (39). Remove seal (40) from pinion gear then remove pinion (41).28. Remove bearing cup (42) from housing with tooling (G).29. Remove bearing pinion cones from pinion shaft with tooling (H). Remove oil lines.Assemble Differential
1. Put differential housing on tooling (A). Install oil lines (1). Install bearing cup for pinion into housing with tooling (B).2. Heat the bearing cones of the pinion assembly in oil to a maximum temperature of 275°F (135°C). Install the large and small bearing cones on their respective locations.3. Install seal (2) on pinion gear and install pinion (3) in differential housing.4. Install seal (4) in pinion cage. Install bearing cup (5) into cage.5. Install retainer (6) with three evenly spaced bolts (7). While rotating pinion, tighten first one bolt then the other evenly to get zero end play of pinion with tooling (B).6. Measure clearance between retainer and housing using tooling (C). Make sure the clearance is the same all the way around the retainer.7. Remove retainer (8) and install shims (9)

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