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1247302 LINER Caterpillar parts 950F II LINER
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Caterpillar 1247302 LINER
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WHEEL LOADER  950F II   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g00581322
Components of the Transmission Control System
Illustration 2 g00581324
Shift Lever Transmission ControlThe transmission electronic control module shifts the transmission. The following components are used by the control module:
Transmission Speed Sensor
Shift Lever Transmission Control
SwitchesThe transmission's electronic control system consists of the following components:
Transmission Electronic Control Module
Fifth Gear Lockout Switch
Neutral Lock Switch
Shift Lever Transmission Control
Neutralizer Switch
Parking Brake Switch
Transmission Speed Sensor
Transmission SolenoidsThe switches, the sensors and the shift lever provide input to the transmission electronic control module. The control module processes the information. The control module then activates the appropriate transmission solenoids.The shift lever transmission control contains electronics. The electronics communicate the direction and the gear that is selected to the control module.Note: The shift lever transmission control should be in the NEUTRAL position when the key is turned to the ON position. If the shift lever is not in the NEUTRAL position, the shift lever must be returned to the NEUTRAL position. This must be accomplished before a direction can be selected.The neutralizer switch is located on the loader lever. Actuation of the switch signals to the control module to neutralize the transmission. When the transmission is neutralized, one solenoid is active. Two active solenoids are required for the machine to be in gear. Normal Operation
When the transmission electronic control module is energized, the transmission is placed in neutral. This is done regardless of the shift lever's position. The transmission will remain in neutral until the following procedure is completed.
Place the shift lever in the NEUTRAL position.
Shift the lever to the FORWARD position or the REVERSE position.The control module receives the operator's requested speed and direction from the shift lever over the CAT data link.The control module will direct the operation of the transmission's solenoids when the following prerequisites are established. The shift lever is communicating to the control module and the control module has received the gear information.The control module's actions are based on the status of the following components:
Fifth Gear Lockout Switch
Neutral Lock Switch
Shift Lever Transmission Control
Neutralizer Switch
Parking Brake SwitchThe transmission is controlled by a twist handle. The handle is located on the shift lever transmission control. The twist handle has four positions. Rotate the handle into the 4 position. The machine will shift to the fourth gear. Provided that the top gear is enabled, the control module will upshift the machine from the fourth gear to the fifth gear. The upshift is based on transmission output speed.The machine is running in the fifth gear. Rotate the twist handle to the 3 position. This results in an immediate downshift to the fourth gear. The fourth gear will be maintained for a minimum of 2 seconds. The fourth gear will be maintained until the machine's speed slows to the range of speed for the third gear.No precaution is taken when the machine's direction is shifted. If you shift from the fifth gear forward to the third gear reverse, the transmission will shift to third gear reverse.Parking Brake
The parking brake uses the following components:
Transmission Electronic Control Module
Parking Brake Switch
Parking Brake AlarmThe

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Caterpillar parts catalog
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