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Extending Track Frames
Damage to the car body guide on the track roller frame can result if the track is raised more than 60 mm (2.4 in) off of the ground, with the car body bolts removed.
The machine must be placed on a level, hard surface. Extend the track frames one at a time. 1. Remove 12 bolts (6) and spacers (7) securing track frame (5) to car body (4). 2. Position the boom over the opposite track frame with the stick at approximately 80° angle to the ground. Put the bucket teeth into the ground, as shown above. This machine position provides the best stability for extending the track frames.3. Apply boom down pressure to raise the track slightly. 4. Use STICK IN force to extend the track frame by moving the car body away from the track.5. After making sure that the track frame has correctly been extended, lower the raised track frame to the ground. A total of 16 bolts (6) and spacers (7) were stored in the tool box when the track frames were retracted. Remove the bolts and spacers from the tool box. 6. Align the bolt holes of the car body and the track frame, and install 20 bolts (6) and spacers (7). If necessary, slowly operate the machine back and forth to put the bolt holes in alignment. Tighten the bolts to 2700 300 N m (2000 220 lb ft). 7. Remove cover (3), washers (2) and bolts (1) from the tool box and install them in place.8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the opposite track frame.Counterweight Removal and Installation (Standard)
Never allow anyone under the counterweight during removal and installation of the counterweight.Make sure the lifting cables and other lifting devices are in good condition and have enough strength for the lifting situation involved.The hydraulic activation control lever must be in the locked position to prevent any unexpected machine movement.
Counterweight Removal
* 62 00 kg (12,540 lb) for 7.2 m (23 ft 7 in) R boom and 6.7 m (22 ft) M boom.* 72 00 kg (15,840 lb) for extra counterweight. (If Equipped)1. Place the machine on a hard, level surface. Lower the front implements to the ground.2. Move the hydraulic activation control lever to the locked position. 3. Remove seven bolts (1), washers (2) and remove upper covers (3) and (4). 4. Fasten a proper lifting wire cable with shackles to brackets and tension the lifting cable to take up the weight using an appropriate lifting device, as shown. 5. Remove eight counterweight mounting bolts and washers.6. Using an appropriate lifting device, slightly lift the counterweight until there is no counterweight load on the retaining pins.7. Separate the counterweight from the machine and rest it on suitable blocks.Counterweight Installation
Perform the removal procedure in reverse order. Temporarily tighten the eight counterweight mounting bolts and loosen the tension of the lifting cable. After making sure the counterweight is correctly positioned on the retaining pins, tighten the bolts evenly to 1600 200 N

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