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LINES GP-BOOM 2277929 - Caterpillar

2277929 LINES GP-BOOM Caterpillar parts LINES
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Caterpillar 2277929 LINES GP-BOOM

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System Description
The fire suppression system includes a detection circuit, an operator warning system, and automatic or manual discharge of agent.The system has a built-in diagnostic capability. This allows the system to continuously monitor the fire detection circuitry, the discharge electrical circuit, and the electronic control itself.The operator's compartment contains a system monitor and a manual system acutator.
Fire suppression agents may create hazards to people if discharged on them.Halon Agent: Vapors may cause dizziness, reduced coordination and reduced visibility. Move to a location of clear air and symptoms will clear. Spillage on the skin can be washed off with soap and water. If symptoms persist after exposure, consult a physician.Dry chemical agent may reduce visibility and can irritate eyes, skin and nasal passages. If the agent gets into eyes, flush thoroughly with water, then consult a physician. In case of skin contact, wash all exposed areas with soap and water. If irritation persists, after inhalation or skin contact, consult a physician.The fire suppression system will not be able to suppress a fire unless the nitrogen actuators and agent cylinders are fully charged.The nitrogen and agent cylinders must be recharged immediately if the system has been activated.
The system monitor is located on the overhead panel within the operator's vision. The manual actuator (1) is located to the right and behind the operator's seat. To prevent vandalism or accidental discharge of the system during shipping, a cable and a padlock are installed to secure the lock pin in each nitrogen actuator. These two parts must be removed to permit manual actuation. A small plastic seal must stay on the lock pin (2). This seal is broken by the operator when pulling the lock pin to manually discharge the system. The manual actuator from the ground level is located by access ladder.System Monitor
The monitor has two lights and a push-type switch mounted on the face of the unit. The red fire indicator light (1) is activated when the system detects a fire.The amber light (2) is activated whenever the system control module detects a fault with the system.Whenever the amber light comes on, the machine should be shut down and the system fault found and repaired. Otherwise, the fire suppression system may not function if a fire should occur.The switch on the monitor is used to test the operator warning system.The following test should be conducted at the start of each shift. Start the engine. Make sure the parking brake is engaged. Push and hold the test button. The warning light will flash and the warning horn will sound as long as the test button is held. The engine must not shut down.
The heat detecting ability will be impaired if the heat sensors are covered with a cardboard sleeve, painted, dirty, or damaged.
Cover the heat sensors while painting the machine. Be sure all paint protection covers are removed from the sensors before operating a new or repainted machine.Clean the sensors monthly to remove dirt and debris. Replace them if they are dented

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