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LINES GP-WATER 2333675 - Caterpillar

2333675 LINES GP-WATER Caterpillar parts C11, C13 LINES
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Caterpillar 2333675 LINES GP-WATER

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TRUCK ENGINE  C11   C13   Caterpillar
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You must read and understand the warnings and instructions contained in the Safety section of this manual before performing any operation or maintenance procedures.Cooling System Coolant
Add Extender
For cooling system equipped with Caterpillar's Extended Life Coolant (ELC) the addition of Extender will allow the changing and cleaning interval to be extended to 6000 Service Hours or 4 Years.Refer to the Cooling System Specifications section of this manual for all cooling system requirements.
Excessive additive (greater than the recommended 6% initial fill) together with concentrations of anti-freeze greater than 60% cause deposits to form and can result in radiator tube blockage and overheating.
Change Coolant/Clean System
Do not change the coolant until you read and understand the material in the Cooling System Specifications section.
Drain the coolant earlier whenever the coolant is dirty or foaming is observed. The radiator cap is located in the top of the hood. 1. Remove the radiator cap slowly to relieve pressure. 2. Open the drain valve and allow the coolant to drain into a suitable container. Drain valve is located under the radiator.3. Close the drain valve. Fill the system with clean water and a 6 to 10% concentration of cooling system cleaner.4. Start and run the engine for 90 minutes. Stop the engine and drain the cleaning solution.5. Flush the system with water, with the engine stopped, until the draining water is clear.6. Close the drain valve.7. Add the coolant solution. See Cooling System Specifications and Lubricant Viscosities and Refill Capacities. Do not add supplemental coolant additive or change element at this time, unless you are not using Caterpillar Antifreeze which contains additive.8. Start the engine and operate it with the radiator cap off, until the thermostat opens and the level stabilizes.9. Maintain the coolant level to within 13 mm (.5 in) of the bottom of the fill pipe.10. Install the cap.11. Stop the engine.Clean the Cooling System Relief Valve
Clean or replace the relief valve if the system overheats or loss of coolant is observed. 1. Remove radiator cap slowly to relieve pressure. 2. Remove bolts (1) from the valve and remove the valve assembly (4).3. Inspect valve assembly (4), valve seals (2) and gasket (3). Replace if necessary.4. Inspect valve cover (5) and mounting bolts (1).5. Install the relief valve assembly.6. Check the coolant level. Maintain the coolant level to within 13 mm (.5 in) of the bottom of the fill pipe.7. Install the radiator cap.Clean Outside of Radiator Fins
Compressed air is preferred, but high pressure water or steam can be used to remove dust, leaves and general debris from radiator fins.

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