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LINES GP-SERVICE BRAKE 3534226 - Caterpillar

3534226 LINES GP-SERVICE BRAKE Caterpillar parts 854K, 992K LINES
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Caterpillar 3534226 LINES GP-SERVICE BRAKE

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WHEEL LOADER  992K   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g03721912
Cooling system
(1) Water regulator
(2) Bypass
(3) Engine oil cooler
(4) Water pump
(5) Power train oil cooler
(6) Radiator
(AA) Regulated coolant
(BB) Unrestricted coolant Water pump (4) draws coolant directly from the radiator (6). Coolant is pumped through engine oil cooler (3) and transmission oil cooler (5). Then, the coolant flows into the engine block. Coolant flows around the cylinder liners, through the water directors and into the cylinder head. The water directors send the flow of coolant around the valves and the passages for exhaust gases in the cylinder head. The coolant then goes to the front of the cylinder head and into water regulator housing (1). When the coolant is inside the housing, the water regulator controls the direction of coolant flow within the housing.When the coolant temperature is below 81 °C (178 °F), the water regulator will be closed. The path for the coolant return to radiator (6) is blocked. The coolant flows through the bypass (2) and back to the water pump (4).As the coolant temperature reaches 83° 1°C (181° 2°F), the water temperature regulator starts to open. Coolant begins to flow to radiator (6). When the coolant temperature reaches 92 °C (198 °F), the coolant is at normal operating temperature. The water temperature regulator is fully open and the flow of coolant to bypass (2) is blocked. The path for coolant to radiator (6) is open. The temperature of the returned coolant will be reduced as the coolant flows through radiator (6).Note: The water temperature regulator is an important part of the cooling system. The water temperature regulator divides the coolant flow between radiator (6) and bypass (2). Normal operating temperature is maintained. If the water temperature regulator is not installed in the system, the flow of coolant is not regulated. Most of the coolant will bypass the radiator (6). The engine, the transmission, and the hydraulic oil may overheat during high ambient temperatures.Radiator Assembly
Illustration 2 g03721204
Radiator (Rear View)
(7) Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Radiator assembly (6) is the source of coolant for the cooling system. The radiator is made up of the following three sections: radiator top tank, radiator bottom tank and radiator core assemblies. Also, radiator assembly (6) includes the air aftercooler and the hydraulic oil cooler (7).Reference: For additional information about cooling the hydraulic system, refer to the Service Manual module Systems Operation, "Hydraulic Fan System" for the machine that is being serviced.The radiator top tank accepts the return coolant from the water regulator housing. The coolant flows from the radiator top tank down the tubes of the radiator core. Then, the coolant flows into the bottom tank. As the coolant flows through the radiator core and the air is pulled around the radiator core, the temperature of the coolant is reduced.Axle Oil Cooler
Illustration 3 g03721317
(8) Hydraulic line from hydraulic oil cooler
(9) Hydraulic line to hydraulic tank
(10) Hydraulic lines to rear axle
(11) Divider valve
(12) Hydraulic lines to front axle
(13) Heat exchanger The axle oil cooler system consists of the following components: divider valve (11), two heat exchangers

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