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3534732 LINES GP-AIR Caterpillar parts D9T LINES
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Caterpillar 3534732 LINES GP-AIR

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Effective July 1, 1992 regulations prohibit the venting of any refrigerant into the atmosphere. Refer to Caterpillar publications SENR5664 and NEDG5065 for the proper procedure, equipment and tools to reclaim refrigerant from any Caterpillar machine.
Always wear goggles when working on air conditioning systems. The system is under pressure at all times, engine running or not. Escaping refrigerant R-134A can cause freezing of human flesh.Do not smoke while working on air conditioning systems. INHALING REFRIGERANT R-134A THROUGH ANY SMOKING MATERIAL, ALTHOUGH NOT TOXIC OR FLAMMABLE, CAN GENERATE LETHAL PHOSGENE GAS AND CAUSE VIOLENT ILLNESS OR DEATH. ALSO, HEAT MUST NEVER BE APPLIED TO A CHARGED SYSTEM. See Air Conditioning And Heating Service Manual, Form No. SENR5664, for more information on removal and installation of lines and refrigerant from the system.
1. Purge the air conditioning system. See the topic "Purging The System" located in the Air Conditioning & Heating Service Manual, SENR5664. 2. Disconnect harness assemblies (2) and (4) at the electrical connections.3. Remove straps (3) that fasten harness assembly (2) to the air conditioning compressor. Remove the bolt and the washer that hold clip (1).4. Put a suitable container under hose assemblies (5) to contain any compressor oil for storage or disposal. Disconnect two hose assemblies (5) from the air conditioning compressor. Cap and plug all openings to prevent moisture and contamination from entering the system. 5. Mark and identify four bolts for installation purposes. Remove four bolts (6), the nuts and the washers that hold belt guard (7) in position on the air conditioning compressor.6. Remove belt guard (7). 7. Loosen bolt (8). Raise tension rod and bracket (9) out of the way.8. Loosen bolts (10) and (11).9. Tilt air conditioning compressor (12) toward the engine.10. Remove V-belt (13) from the pulley. 11. Mark and identify three bolts (14) for installation purposes. Remove three bolts (14) and the washers that hold air conditioning compressor (12).12. Remove air conditioning compressor (12). The following steps are for installation of the air conditioning compressor. 13. Put air conditioning compressor (12) in position on the mounting bracket. Install three bolts (14) and the washers. 14. Tilt air conditioning compressor (12) toward the engine. Position V-belt (13) over the air conditioning compressor pulley.15. Put tension rod and bracket (9) in position on air conditioning compressor (12). Tighten bolts (8), (10) and (11). 16. Put belt guard (7) in position on the air conditioning compressor. Install four bolts (6), the nuts and the washers with clip (1) that holds wire harness (2). Do not tighten bolts (6), the nuts and the washers at this time.17. Adjust the tension on the air conditioning compressor V-belt. For complete details on air conditioning compressor V-belt tension, refer to the Operation & Maintenance Manual. Also see the topic "Belt Tension Chart" in the 3500B Engines for Caterpillar Built Machines Specifications module, SENR1122.18. Tighten bolts (6) and the nuts that hold belt guard (7) to the air conditioning compressor.19. Connect wire harnesses (2) and (4) at the electrical

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