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3534735 LINES GP-WATER Caterpillar parts D9T LINES
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Caterpillar 3534735 LINES GP-WATER

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1. Close two valves (1) at the water pump. 2. Mark and identify two heater hoses for installation purposes. Loosen the two hose clamps, and disconnect two heater hoses (2) from the heater core. Remove heater hoses (2) from hose clamp (3). It is not necessary to purge the air conditioning system during removal of the cab.3. Pull two heater hoses (2) free from cab. Disconnect quick disconnect (4) and quick disconnect (5) at the air dryer. 4. Remove brace (6) from the fender assembly and the catwalk. 5. Use lifting slings and Tool (A) to attach catwalk assembly (7) to a suitable lifting device. Remove the mounting bolts, and remove catwalk assembly (7) from the cab. The weight of catwalk assembly (7) is 86 kg (190 lb). 6. Remove two bolts (9) and the washers that hold headlamps (8) to the fender assembly. 7. Mark and identify four wires (10) for installation purposes. Disconnect four wires (10) from headlamps (8).8. Disconnect the electrical connector to the left front turn signal. 9. Position a lift truck fork underneath fender assembly (11). Remove all the mounting bolts securing the fender assembly to the cab and the ladder assembly, and remove fender assembly (11). The weight of fender assembly (11) is 25 kg (55 lb). 10. Attach two lifting slings to ladder assembly (12) and to a suitable lifting device. Remove the four mounting bolts, and remove ladder assembly (12) from the cab. The weight of ladder assembly (12) is 50 kg (110 lb). 11. Remove the three mounting bolts, and remove guard assembly (13) from the frame assembly.
At operating temperature, the steering system tank is hot and under pressure. Hot oil can cause burns. Remove the breather filter cap only when the engine is stopped and the breather filter cap is cool enough to touch. Slowly loosen the breather filter cap to release any pressure in the steering tank. Be cautious of hot hydraulic oil when any hose assemblies are disconnected in the steering system.
12. mark and identify four hose assemblies (15) for installation purposes. Disconnect four hose assemblies (15) from the cab. Cap and plug all connections to prevent oil loss.13. Disconnect air hose assembly (14) from the cab. 14. Disconnect two hoses (16) from the heater. Remove two hose brackets (17) from the cab.15. Disconnect electrical connector (19). Remove all tie straps (18) connecting the wire harness and windshield washer hoses to the cab. 16. Open the engine hood. Disconnect two hoses (21) at the wiper fluid container. Remove hoses (21) from all the hose clamps (20). 17. Remove the five bolts and cover plate (22). 18. Mark and identify all hoses and electrical connectors attached to right rear cab panel (23) for installation purposes. Disconnect all the hoses and connectors and set them clear of the cab.19. Disconnect dump linkage rod (24). 20. Position a suitable lifting chain on the top of the cab as shown. Secure the lifting chain to a suitable lifting device

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