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Rework Procedure
Access to SISWEB references will be required as applicable: 1W1205, 4W7502, 1W1179, 1W1182, and 1295672.
1)Remove any accessories that will interfere or restrict the removal of the governor and actuator assembly. See illustration 1.1.1
2)Remove 2 Allen head retaining screws from the 8C6099 electric solenoid. Remove solenoid. (if applicable, not all models contain an electric shutoff solenoid)
3)Remove governor linkage by removing the 3D8752 Nut from the 1B1293 bolt. *Note the position & location of the 9M1974 washers for reinstallation in step #23 below if any washers are installed. Not all governor linkage requires washers. (If applicable).
4)Remove 2 retaining nuts & washers from the actuator. Remove the actuator assembly and oil drain line if applicable.
5)CAUTION - If the 6L3528 gasket is removed for any reason, note the position of the gasket opening for the oil passageway. If this gasket is installed backwards, all engine supplied oil is shutoff to the actuator assembly and the actuator will seize. See illustration 1.2.1 & 1.2.2.
6)Remove the 8N2148 actuator drive splined coupling from the 1W1205 housing by pulling it straight out.
7)Loosen & remove all ?? bolts which retain the 1W1205 governor housing to the fuel injection pump housing.
8)Pull / twist as need to remove 1W1205 governor housing assembly from the fuel injection pump. Caution, the 1W1205 housing is very heavy and contains residual engine oil. The 8N3238 gear assembly may fall out as the governor is removed. Replace the 8N3238 into the 1W1205 housing. Grease may be added between the gear and the housing to hold the gear in position for reassembly purposes.
9)Inspect and torque the 1N9882 governor shaft bolt to 12nm. See illustration 1.3.1.
10)Obtain a new 1W1186 gasket. Grease the gasket surface on the fuel injection pump and install the gasket over the pump housing dowels. The grease will assist to hold the gasket in place during the 1W1205 governor housing assembly process.
11)Remove 2 ? 4F7957 bolts from 1W5785 cover on the left (forward) side of the fuel injection pump.
12)Use a small pry bar to hold the 8N9367 rack in the full throttle position, in order to insert the 1W1191 lever (#13 below) (gently push to retain the rack toward the rear of the pump).
13)Begin the housing assembly process by inserting the 1W1191 lever into the 2N5920 rack extension. The rack extension slot must be perfectly vertical orientated to allow the 1W1191 to be inserted into it. (Caution, if for any reason the 2N5290 extension is removed from the rack, the internal 8H9186 spring must be reinstalled into the 2N5290 rack extension.
14)After the 1W1191 lever is hooked into the rack as in #13 above, remove the small pry bar from the front of the rack so the rack may move freely move.
15)Gently, rock & move the 1W1205 housing assembly from side to side until the stub shaft of the 8N3238 gear assembly inserts into the bushing in the fuel injection pump housing.
16)Install and torque all housing retaining bolts to 12nm.
17)Verify rack is connected to the governor throttle by moving the

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