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LINES GP-STEERING 3599125 - Caterpillar

3599125 LINES GP-STEERING Caterpillar parts 795F AC LINES
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Caterpillar 3599125 LINES GP-STEERING

Buy LINES GP-STEERING 3599125 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

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TRUCK  795F AC   Caterpillar
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Use a plastic hammer in order to tap front cover (4) and release some pressure against retaining ring (3). Use Tooling (A) (not shown) to remove retaining ring (3).
Illustration 3 g00772711
Use two screwdrivers to remove front cover (4). Remove O-ring seal (5) from the back of the front cover. Remove shims (6) from behind the front cover.
Illustration 4 g00770764Note: If you remove shaft seal (7), the seal will be damaged. You must replace the used seal with a new seal.
Remove shaft seal (7) from the front cover.
Illustration 5 g00772728Note: Place alignment marks on head (8) and housing (9) of the motor.
Remove socket head cap screws (10) that secure head (8) to housing (9).
Lift head (8) and dowel (11) (Not Shown) from housing (9).
Illustration 6 g03743832
Note the position of dowel (11) in the port plate (13) for future assembly.
Remove O-ring seal (12) from the housing.
Illustration 7 g00772735
Remove port plate (13) from housing (9). Inspect the condition of the bronze surface on cylinder barrel (14) and the mating surface of port plate (13).
Illustration 8 g00770772
Illustration 9 g00772738
Use Tooling (B) to remove motor rotating group (15) from housing (9). Make sure that cylinder barrel (14) does not bind in the housing when you remove the rotating group.Note: Do not use a slide hammer or a similar type of puller to remove the rotating group. You could damage the rotating group.
Illustration 10 g00772740
Remove cylinder barrel (14) from rotating group (15). Remove shim (17) from the center pin bore of cylinder barrel (14).
Illustration 11 g03743834
Remove coil spring (16) from the center pin.
Illustration 12 g00772744
Position each piston (18) in a perpendicular position to retaining plate (19). Pull the pistons from the retaining plate. Remove all seven pistons.Note: The center pin cannot be removed at this time.
Illustration 13 g03743838
Check for scratches and pitting in pistons (18) at Area (X). Replace pistons that are damaged.
Piston rings (30) may break apart during removal from the pistons. If the rings are to be removed, wear eye protection to prevent possible personal injury from flying parts.
Remove piston rings (20) from the piston.
Illustration 14 g03743843
Remove seven screws (22) that secure retaining plate (19) to the governor control shaft.Note: The screws were installed with thread compound.
Remove retaining plate (19), center pin (21), and retaining disk (23) (not shown).
Illustration 15 g03743846
Check for scratches and pitting in center pin (21) at the Area (Y). Replace a damaged center pin.

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Caterpillar parts catalog
795F-AC Off-Highway Truck ERM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C175-16 Engine

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793F, 793F AC, 793F CMD, 793F OEM, 793F-XQ, 795F AC
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