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3966943 LINES GP-LIFT & TILT CYLINDER Caterpillar parts
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Caterpillar 3966943 LINES GP-LIFT & TILT CYLINDER

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Minimizing the Occurrence of Oil Related Engine Failure
Fuel Sulfur
Oil contamination can take a number of forms, but none is more rapid in its harmful effect than the sulfuric acid that can be produced by high sulfur fuels.In October 1993, low sulfur fuel was mandated in the United States for on-highway vehicles. In the state of California ALL vehicles are required to use Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel (ULSD). ULSD was introduced as a means to meet the engine manufacturers' (EMA's) need for emissions control in these applications. There are few or no negative effects of low sulfur fuels.Coping with the effects of fuel sulfur is not a simple task. Even though the use of proper lubricants and correct intervals reduces the degree of corrosive damage, engine wear will increase significantly when fuels with high sulfur content are used. Not only do these fuels produce acids which chemically attack the engine, causing corrosive wear, but the oils used to negate the acid effects have a higher ash content which increases chances of deposit formation.Know the fuel sulfur content by periodically asking your supplier or by having the fuel analyzed. Sulfur content can change with each bulk delivery.Total Base Number (TBN) and Fuel Sulfur Levels for Direct Injection (DI) Diesel Engines
The Total Base Number (TBN) for an oil depends on the fuel sulfur level. For direct injection engines that use distillate fuel, the minimum new oil TBN must be ten times the fuel sulfur level. The TBN is determined by the ASTM D2896 procedure.Note: The minimum TBN for oil depends on the fuel sulfur level. Refer to the table for the TBN recommendations.Note: TBN is also commonly referred to as Base Number (BN).Use the following guidelines for fuel sulfur levels that exceed 1.0 percent:
Choose a multigrade oil with the highest TBN that meets one of these specifications categories: Cat ECF-2, Cat ECF-3, or API CJ-4
Reduce the oil change interval. Base the oil change interval on the oil analysis. Ensure that the oil analysis includes the condition of the oil and a wear metal analysis.
Table 4
TBN recommendations for applications in Cat engines
Fuel Sulfur Level percent (ppm) Cat Engine Oils (1) TBN of Commercial Engine Oils
0.05 percent (500ppm) Cat DEO-ULS
Cat DEO Min 7
>0.05-0.2 percent (>500- 2000 ppm) (2) Cat DEO
Cat DEO-ULS Min 10
Above 0.2 percent (above 2000ppm) (3)(4) Cat DEO(5) Min 10
(1) Cat DEO-ULS applies to Cat DEO-ULS SAE 15W-40, SAE10W-30, Cat DEO-ULS SYN SAE 5W-40 and Cat DEO Cold Weather SAE 0W-40. Cat DEO applies to Cat DEO SAE 15W-40 and SAE 10W-30.
(2) Use of an oil analysis program to determine oil drain intervals is recommended if fuel sulfur is between 0.05% (500 ppm) and 0.5% (5000 ppm).
(3) Use of an oil analysis program to determine oil drain intervals is required if fuel sulfur is above 0.5% (5000 ppm).
(4) For fuels of sulfur levels that exceed 1.0 percent (10,000 ppm), refer to TBN and engine oil guidelines given in this section.
(5) Cat DEO-ULS may be used if an oil analysis program is followed. High fuel sulfur levels

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