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LINES GP-FUEL PUMP 3967777 - Caterpillar

3967777 LINES GP-FUEL PUMP Caterpillar parts 901C, 902C, 903C LINES
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Caterpillar 3967777 LINES GP-FUEL PUMP

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COMPACT WHEEL LOADER  901C   902C   903C   Caterpillar
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Cold Start Valve
Illustration 4 g01832097
Cold start valve (3) protects the charge system against high pressures when the machine is first started and the hydraulic oil is cold. The higher viscosity of cold oil can cause system pressures to increase. Oil that passes over the cold start valve is returned to the suction port of the charge pump. The cold start valve is located on the right-hand side of steering pump (2) .Charge Pump
Illustration 5 g01770874
Charge pump (4) is integrally mounted on the rear of steering pump (2), which is mounted on the upper right of the torque converter housing. The charge pump is a positive displacement type pump. The charge pump provides pilot oil for the implement control valve and charge oil for the steering closed loop.Case Drain Filter
Illustration 6 g01770758
Case drain filter (5) stops debris in the oil that flows from the pump case drain back to the tank. Case drain filter (5) helps to prevent damage to the hydraulic system components. The case drain filter is located behind the access door on the right side of the machine.Hydraulic Tank
Illustration 7 g01770759
Hydraulic tank (6) is located at the rear of the machine on the right side. The hydraulic tank is a reservoir that contains the hydraulic oil.Remote Pressure Taps
Illustration 8 g02496497
Remote pressure taps (7) provide convenient testing of the system conditions. Remote pressure taps (7) are located behind the access door on the left side of the machine.ReferenceRefer to Testing and Adjusting, "Pressure Taps" in this manual for more information on the remote pressure taps.Steering and Transmission Control
Illustration 9 g02797193
Steering and transmission control (8) is located inside the cab to the left of the operators seat. When the operator demands a turn, the steering and transmission control sends a signal to the power train Electronic Control Module (ECM). The power train ECM then sends a signal to the steering pump control. The steering pump control valve then allows charge oil to act upon the control piston. The linkage from the control piston moves the steering pump swashplate, which determines the output of the steering pump.Steering Motor
Illustration 10 g01770757
The cab has been removed for the overhead photo.Steering motor (9) is a fixed displacement bent axis motor which can turn in either direction. The direction of rotation is dependent on the input flow from the steering motor. A pinion gear is mounted on the shaft of the steering motor. When the motor turns, the pinion gear turns the bevel gear of the steering differential, which causes the machine to turn. The steering motor is mounted beneath the operator compartment on the left side of the machine.Steering Charge Circuit Filter
Illustration 11 g02797194
View of the left side of the machine (10) Steering charge circuit filterSteering charge circuit filter (10) is mounted on the front left side of the engine compartment. The charge filter is designed to trap debris in the oil in order to prevent damage to the steering system components.Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Illustration 12 g02797259
View of the left side of the machine (11) Hydraulic oil coolerHydraulic oil cooler (11) uses

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