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LINES GP-STEERING 3967823 - Caterpillar

3967823 LINES GP-STEERING Caterpillar parts 901C, 902C, 903C LINES
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Caterpillar 3967823 LINES GP-STEERING

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COMPACT WHEEL LOADER  901C   902C   903C   Caterpillar
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Do not engage the secondary brake while the machine is moving unless the primary service brake fails. The use of the secondary brake as a service brake in regular operation will cause severe damage to the brake system.
Parking Brake - The parking brake knob is located on the right side of the cab. The parking brake is to be used after the machine has been stopped. Parking Brake Engaged - Pull the knob out to engage the parking brake. Parking Brake Disengaged - Push the knob in to release the parking brake. The air pressure must be above 850 50 kPa (125 10 psi).The parking brake will engage automatically if air pressure drops to 280 kPa (40 psi). Secondary Brake - The parking and secondary brake use the same knob. The secondary brake is to be used if the service brakes fail to stop the machine.Service Brake
The service brake pedal is located on the floor of the operator's station, at the left of the accelerator pedal. Brake ON - Depress the service brake pedal to reduce ground speed or to stop the machine. Brake OFF - Release the service brake pedal to release the brake.Retarder (If Equipped)
The retarder is a device used for continuous speed reduction during machine operation. Retarder - The retarder lever is located on the steering column at the right. Retarder ON - Pull the retarder lever toward the operator to engage the retarder. The further the lever is pull toward the operator, the greater the braking action. Retarder Off - Push the retarder lever away from the operator to disengage the retarder. Anticipate retarder usage. The retarder requires 3 to 4 seconds to engage after the retarder lever is moved.Accelerator Pedal
Accelerator Pedal - The accelerator pedal is located on the floor of the operator's station, at the right.Push down the pedal to increase travel speed.Release the pedal to decrease travel speed. To shut the engine off, pull the accelerator pedal back past the detent position.Throttle Lock (If Equipped)
Throttle Lock - The throttle lock is located on the right side of the operator's station on the side dash.The throttle lock holds the engine rpm at high idle. Use the throttle lock on long hauls where fatigue may occur from accelerator pedal use. Throttle Lock ON - Push the knob in to engage the throttle lock. The engine will remain at high idle until the throttle lock is released. Throttle Lock OFF - Pull the knob out, or push down on the service brake pedal slightly, to release the throttle lock.Engine Shutdown Handle
Normal engine stopping is done by pulling the accelerator pedal back past the detent position. The engine shutdown handle is located on the left front of the machine.Pull the handle out to stop the engine. After the engine stops, push the handle in. Use only in emergencies. Turn the engine start switch to OFF. The engine shutdown handle does not shut off the machine's electrical system.Transmission Control Lever
The transmission control lever is

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