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LOCK 8M8797 2H9281 - Caterpillar

2H9281 LOCK 8M8797 Caterpillar parts LOCK
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2H9281 LOCK 8M8797
Weight: 0.04 pounds 0 kg.

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Electronic Technician Service Tool
When an abnormal telehandler operating condition occurs, the status screen on the Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) indicates that there is an active event.Event codes are displayed on Cat ET in the following format:EXXXX Description of the codeThe "E" means that the code is an event code. The "XXXX" is a numeric identifier. The numeric identifier is followed by a description of the code. Active event codes are listed in ascending numerical order. The code with the lowest number is listed first. The active event code is removed from the list when the condition is no longer present.Logged Event Codes
Every event code is logged in the ECM memory. Logged event codes are listed in chronological order. The most recent code is listed first.A logged code is cleared from memory when one of the following conditions occur:
The service technician manually clears the code.
The code does not recur for 1000 hours.
A new code is logged and there are already ten logged codes in memory. In this case, the oldest logged code is cleared.Note: Always clear logged event codes after investigating and correcting the problem which generated the code.Troubleshooting
Perform the following steps in order to troubleshoot an event:
Obtain the following information from the operator:
The event and the time of the event
Determine the engine's operating conditions at the time of the event. Conditions such as engine rpm and load may be important.
Determine if there are any systems that were installed by the dealer or by the customer that could cause the event.
Verify that the event is not due to normal machine operation. Verify that the event is not due to error of the operator.
Check all fluid levels and all oil levels.
Troubleshoot and repair any active diagnostic codes. Telehandler Event Code List
The following table lists the event codes that apply to the telehandler control system. The recommended operator response is listed. Use the Cat ET service tool in order to determine the event codes that are active or logged.
Table 2
Telehandler Event Identifier (EID) Codes    
EID    Level    Description    Application    
0119     1     Low Fuel Level     Fuel Tank is Less than 16% Full    
0153     3     High Speed Directional Shift     Directional Shift while Vehicle is in Motion    
0155     3     High Torque Converter Oil Temp     Torque Converter Oil Temp is Greater than
120 °C (248 °F)    
0172     1     High Air Filter Restriction     Engine has Detected a Restriction in the Air Filter    
0237     3     Machine Overloaded     Access Platform is Overloaded    
0360     3     Low Engine Oil Pressure     Engine has Detected Low Engine Oil Pressure    
0361     3     High Engine Coolant Temp     Engine Temp is Above Red Line Limit    
0388     2     Access Platform Not Compatible     The Access Platform is Not Compatible with the Machine. This may be down to configuration settings.    
0441     2     Idle Elevated to Increase Battery Voltage     System Voltage

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