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WHEEL LOADER  990H   Caterpillar
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Priming the Fuel System
1. Loosen the air plug at the top of the fuel filter. 2. Turn the hand priming pump knob counterclockwise to raise the plunger.3. Move the plunger up and down until fuel flows, free of air bubbles, from the air plug.4. Then securely tighten the air plug.5. Push the plunger in and tighten by hand.6. Thoroughly remove fuel spilled onto the surfaces. Start the engine and check for fuel leaks.7. Stop the engine.Fuel Tank Cap and Screen
Clean the Cap and Strainer
Pressure air can cause personal injury.When using pressure air for cleaning, wear a protective face shield, protective clothing and protective shoes.The maximum air pressure must be below 205 kPa (30 psi) for cleaning purposes.Use all cleaning solutions with care.
1. Remove the cap and strainer. 2. Replace the cap if the gasket is damaged. 3. Wash the strainer in clean, nonflammable solvent and dry. 4. Install the strainer.5. Put a light coat of oil on the cap components.6. Install the cap.Hydraulic System
Service Strainer and Filters
At operating temperature, the hydraulic tank is hot and under pressure.Hot oil can cause burns.Remove the plug only when the engine is stopped, and the plug is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.
Clean the Strainer
1. Clean area thoroughly to keep dirt out of strainer and filter covers. 2. Loosen the pressure cap to relieve pressure. 3. Remove cover (1). 4. Remove spring (2) and strainer (3). 5. Wash strainer (3) in clean nonflammable solvent and allow to dry. 6. Inspect O-ring seal (4) and replace if worn or damaged. 7. Install strainer (3) and spring (2). Make sure seal and spring are properly positioned. 8. Inspect O-ring (5) and replace if worn or damaged. 9. Install cover (1).Change the Return Filter
1. Remove cover (1). 2. Remove spring (2), valve (3), and element (4). 3. Inspect O-ring and replace if worn or damaged. 4. Install new element (4), valve (3), and spring (2). 5. Install cover (1).Change the Drain Filter
1. Open the access cover located to the left of the hydraulic tank. 2. Clean area to keep dirt out of filter base.3. Remove the used element from filter base. 4. Clean the filter base. 5. Coat the seal of a new filter with clean hydraulic oil and install it in the filter base.6. Install a new filter by hand. When the filter element contacts the seal, tighten 3/4 turn more.7. Close the access cover.Change the Pilot Filter
1. Open the side cover at the left of the machine. 2. Clean area to keep dirt out of pilot filter. 3. Remove the case (2) from the filter base (1). 4. Remove element (3), O-ring seal (4) and back-up ring (5) from filter base (1).5. Clean the filter base. 6. Wash the case (2) in clean nonflammable solvent. Allow the case (2) to dry. 7. Lightly oil a new O-ring (4) and back-up ring (5) with clean hydraulic oil and install it in the filter base (1). 8. Coat the seal of a new

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990H Wheel Loader BWX00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C27 Engine

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