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1247330 MODIFICATION Caterpillar parts MODIFICATION
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Caterpillar 1247330 MODIFICATION

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5. Assemble the nozzle, making sure the thickest shim (C) is against pressure screw (4). Put the nozzle in a vise using 8S2250 Nozzle Holding Tool (1). Tighten the pressure adjusting screw to 8.0-9.1 N m (70-80 lb in) torque.6. Remove the nozzle from the holding tool. Connect the nozzle, with the tip facing downward, to the tester. Point the nozzle tip into the 8S2270 Fuel Collector and the FT1384 Extension. Check the opening pressure and if it is not within specifications, repeat steps 4 and 5.Valve Lift Adjustment-9L7883 Nozzles
A. When the correct opening pressure is set, and while pumping test fluid through the nozzle, hold the lift adjusting screw locknut and slowly turn the lift adjusting screw clockwise (CW) until valve pressure rises 1380-3450 kPa (200-500 psi) above the nozzle opening pressure. Some test fluid may collect on the tip, but it must not flow at a rapid dribble.
Do not bend the valve by bottoming with too much force.
B. Back out the lift screw 3/4 1/8 turn, hold the lift adjusting screw, and tighten the locknut just enough so the screw will not turn; the lift is now set. C. Put the nozzle in a vise using 8S2250 Holding Tool (1). Tighten the locknut to 4.0-4.5 N m (35-40 lb in). Recheck valve opening pressure.Adjustment of 9L6969, 7N0449, 9N3299, 9N3700, 9N3979, 1W5829, 4W1819, 4W8483 and 7W3710 Nozzles
1. Put the nozzle in a vise using the 8S2250 Holding Tool (1). Loosen lift adjusting screw locknut (2). Turn lift adjusting screw (3) two full turns counterclockwise (CCW). 2. Hold lift adjusting screw (3) with a .08 mm (5/64") hex wrench (4) and remove locknut (2). Loosen locknut (5) that holds pressure adjusting screw (6). 3. Adjust VOP as follows:A. Install the nozzle on the 5P4150 Tester.B. Pressurize the nozzle.C. Turn pressure adjusting screw (6) clockwise (CW) to raise the VOP and counterclockwise (CCW) to lower the VOP. Each one-fourth of a turn will change the VOP approximately 1720 kPa (250 psi).4. Hold pressure adjusting screw (6) and tighten locknut (5) just enough to keep pressure adjusting screw (6) from turning. 5. Install locknut (2), but do not tighten at this time.6. Valve Lift Adjustment A. With valve opening pressure set correctly, pump test fluid through the fuel injection nozzle and hold locknut (2).B. Slowly turn lift adjusting screw (3) clockwise (CW) until the pressure starts to increase above the valve opening pressure.C. Make the pressure go 1380-3450 kPa (200-500 psi) above the valve opening pressure, to be sure the valve is on its seat.
Do not bend the valve or damage the seat by turning lift adjusting screw (3) with too much force.
It is permissible to have some test fluid at the tip of the nozzle, but there must not be a steady flow.D. Turn lift adjusting screw (3) counterclockwise (CCW) 3/4 1/8 turn.E. Hold adjusting screw (3) with a .08 mm (5/64") hex wrench and tighten locknut (2) just enough so adjusting screw (3) will not

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