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MODULE AR-CLEAN EMISSIONS 3599019 - Caterpillar

3599019 MODULE AR-CLEAN EMISSIONS Caterpillar parts MODULE
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Illustration 9 g03786866
Tighten (turn clockwise) thumbscrews (3a) just enough to secure locking plates (4) against radiator core (7).
To avoid damage to tooling and/or radiator cores, only tighten thumbscrews enough to secure lock plate to radiator core.
Illustration 10 g03786881
Attach a suitable overhead lifting device (8) to bail (3) and raise tooling with radiator core (7) attached.Note: For more information on removing or installing AMOC / AMR radiator cores, refer to the appropriate disassembly and assembly manual.
Illustration 11 g03786898
Remove the AMOC / AMR radiator core. Follow all appropriate disassembly and assembly manual procedures for service of the radiator core.
Remove the lifting bracket assembly from the radiator core.Note: Make sure that the radiator core is stable (positioned in a fixture, blocked on a work surface, or installed in a machine) before removing the lifting bracket assembly.
Illustration 12 g03787227
Lower overhead lifting device (8) to remove all load on bail (3).
Remove overhead lifting device (8).
Illustration 13 g03787263
Loosen (turn counterclockwise) thumbscrews (3a) and push down on bail (3) to allow locking plates (4) to spring outward at the bottom.
Illustration 14 g03787293
Carefully raise lifting bracket assembly (1) up and off of AMOC / AMR radiator core (7).Inspection and Maintenance Section
Inspect prior to each use for nicks, burrs, dents, cracks, bends, or worn parts. If damage is found, discontinue use until inspected and released for use by an approved inspector at the dealership.
Have tools inspected annually by an approved dealership inspector. Maintain a written record of all inspections.
Illustration 15 g03787310
Make sure thumbscrews (3a) operate freely. Lightly lubricate threads with Cat 222-3123 Light Penetrating and Lubricating Oil.
Make sure bail spring pins (3b) are not broken, bent, or damaged. Replace as required.
Make sure locking plates (4) pivot freely. Lightly lubricate pivot points with Cat 222-3123 Light Penetrating and Lubricating Oil..
Make sure locking plate springs (4a) are not broken, bent, or damaged. Replace as required.
Make sure push nuts (5a) are not damaged or missing. Replace as required.
Illustration 16 g03787322
Do not use unless all load identification markings are legible.Service Parts
Illustration 17 g03787368
Table 3
464-0265 Lifting Bracket Assembly Service Parts    
Item     Part No.     Description     Qty.    
3a     90128A947*     Thumbscrew     2    
3b     4H-3119     Spring Pin     2    
4a     9271K585*     Spring     4    
5a     94803A030*     Push Nut     4     (*) Available from McMaster-CarrCleaning
Clean the tooling after each use, using a non-solvent based cleaner.Storage
Store the tooling in a clean, dry location to prevent rust or corrosion. Tooling can be damaged by moisture or high humidity.
The tool should be stored in the most stable position.Tool Disposal
At the end of the operational life of the tool, destroy the tool and dispose of as scrap.

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