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MOTOR GP-PISTON 2278161 - Caterpillar

2278161 MOTOR GP-PISTON Caterpillar parts PC310B, SW345B, SW60 MOTOR
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2278161 MOTOR GP-PISTON
Weight: 209 pounds 94 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2278161:

WHEEL SAW  SW345B   SW60   Caterpillar
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Ask questions of the operator of the vessel that will help to determine the following information:
Determine the components that are vibrating.
Determine the rpm range when the vibration becomes excessive.
Determine if the engagement of the transmission affects the vibration.
Obtain a history of the problem.
Look for any loose mounts, brackets, and fasteners. Look for any broken mounts, brackets, and fasteners. Repair any fixtures and tighten any fixtures. Ensure that the flexible engine mounts are not deteriorated.
Check the propeller shaft. Ensure that the propeller shaft is properly balanced. Ensure that the propeller shaft is properly supported with bearings. Ensure that any U-joint is in good condition and that any U-joint is not binding. Check the coupling for the propeller shaft. Ensure that the bolts are tight on the coupling.
Check the condition of the crankshaft vibration damper. Ensure that the bolts are tight. Ensure that the crankshaft vibration damper is not deteriorated.
Check the power take-off, if equipped. Additional inertia should not be added to the belt drive, if equipped. Check the condition of the axial drive, if equipped.
Disengage the transmission. Check the idle speed range. If the vibrations decrease, there is a balance problem with the clutch disc. The clutch disc must be repaired or replaced.
Further analysis requires the use of a vibration instrument. Any instrument which can accurately measure the displacement of the vibration will be sufficient. The displacement of the vibration is measured in mils-inch/1000 and the frequency of the vibration is measured in cycles per second. Note: The 4C-3030 Vibration Analyzer provides a complete identification of all the vibration frequencies that are present within a constant speed measurement. Refer to Operation Manual, NEHS0525 for additional information with troubleshooting the vibration complaints with the 4C-3030 Vibration Analyzer.Note: The following steps assume the use of a vibration instrument such as the IRD Mechanalysis Model 320 or an equivalent instrument can be used to analyze vibration. Refer to Special Instruction, SEHS7914, "Troubleshooting Engine Vibration In Vehicular Equipment" for additional information for troubleshooting the vibration complaints.
Measure the vibration of the cab components which have the objectionable vibration. Run the engine slowly through the speed range and measure the vibration with the instrument filter "OUT". When peak amplitudes are found, continue to run the engine at the peak amplitude speeds. With the instrument filter "IN", find the frequency of the vibration.If the frequency of vibration is 1/2 times of the engine rpm (1/2 order), the vibration is caused by a misfiring cylinder. This must be corrected before further vibration analysis is made.If the frequency of vibration is 3 times the engine rpm (3rd order), no corrective action can be performed on the engine because this is the firing frequency of the engine. The problem is in the cab or chassis resonance.If the frequency is not 1/2 order vibrations or 3rd order vibrations, then further measurements must be made on the engine.
Measurements that are taken on the engine must be made perpendicular to the crankshaft. Take the measurements at the front and at

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