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1C4004 NOZZLE Caterpillar parts NOZZLE
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Caterpillar 1C4004 NOZZLE
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Single Piece Drop Center Rim.Caterpillar has introduced the Single Piece Drop Center (SPDC) rims. These rims reduce the risk of incorrect assembly. Since no O-ring seal is required, the possibility of early hour leaks is also reduced. They are identified by a deep well or channel around the rim base.Caterpillar now has new tire removal tools available for mounting or dismounting the tires on these rims. This publication will show the part numbers and how to use the new tools.Reference: Caterpillar Tool Guide, Operation & Maintenance Manual.Necessary Tools
1. To simplify following the instructions set forth we recommend laying out the three bars as shown in the photo.Using paint, (or a suitable substitute) number the bars (1), (2) and (3). Label the ends of the bars A, B, C, D, E and F respectively.Tire Removal
A. Curved Flange. B. Straight Flange.* The Bead Buster® is designed for use with SPDC rims that do not have a curved flange. It should not be used on rims of that type.1. Remove the valve core from the valve stem. Push a piece of wire down through the valve stem to be sure it is not plugged. Wait until all of the air is out of the tire before proceeding.2. Lay the tire down flat with the valve stem up.Using the Bead Buster®
1. Coat the perimeter of the rim/tire joint with a soapy water solution. 2. Place the fingers of the Bead Buster® between the rim and the tire. If the tire has a pry notch it will probably be easier to insert the Bead Buster® at that location, to begin with. It may be necessary to insert a flat tipped pry bar between the tire and rim to allow the fingers of the Bead Buster® to be inserted.3. Force the fingers of the Bead Buster® between the rim and the tire. This is more easily done by striking the tool at location (G) with a hammer. Be sure the Bead Buster® is fully inserted so that it is against the rim at location H. 4. Using a 1/2" ratchet and a 1 1/4" socket on the head of the Bead Buster®, push downward on the Bead Buster® until it is perpendicular to the rim.5. Tighten adjuster screw (4) enough to let the locking mechanism hold the tool in a perpendicular position when lever (5) is engaged. Excessive force on the locking mechanism lever is not required to hold the tool in position.6. With the lever fully engaged, use a 1/2" ratchet (or an air wrench) to turn the hex head. This separates the fingers on the Bead Buster® applying pressure to the bead of the tire.* Apply pressure until the tire is approximately 51 mm (2.0") away from the rim.7. Release the pressure, disengage lever (5), remove and relocate the Bead Buster® about 152 mm (6.0") around the tire perimeter.* Repeat Steps 2 through 7, until the tire breaks loose from the rim, all the way around.8. Turn the tire and rim over

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