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O-RING 2 1/16 1C4029 - Caterpillar

1C4029 O-RING 2 1/16 Caterpillar parts O
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1C4029 O-RING 2 1/16
Weight: 0.03 pounds 0 kg.

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Loading the Sample Cell
A Teflon® spatula (1) is provided with the system. Use this spatula ONLY, because any other type of spatula may scratch the sample cell. Rinse the sample cell with hexane, then dry it with a tissue.Shake the test oil sample or the reference oil sample thoroughly before loading into the sample cell. Run the test immediately.Use the spatula or a disposable eye dropper to spread enough of the test oil sample or the reference oil sample from the vial, to cover the sample cell. Do not scrape the sample cell because there may be abrasive materials in the fluid that will damage the sample cell.Calibration Instructions
From the main menu, press OTHER FUNCTIONS.From the next menu, press CALIBRATE. The system will display: Clean cell then press RUNUsing the cleaning instructions given previously, clean the sample cell, then press RUN.If the sample cell was not clean enough, the system will ask you to clean it again. Following this, press any key to continue.The system will now begin to scan the background. When scanning is completed, the system will display: Load calibration liquid press RUN when readyPour 99% PURE CYCLOHEXANE (do not use hexane) into the sample cell trough to cover the sample cell. If the system does not have a hard disk, make sure a program disk is in the drive. Press RUN to scan the cyclohexane. If the cyclohexane is contaminated, or the wrong fluid is being used, the system will display: Bad calibration: check liquid or systemIf this message appears, press any key to return to the main menu. Clean the sample cell and start the calibration procedure again.Once the scanning is completed, use a clean tissue to remove the cyclohexane from the sample cell. The system should be calibrated at least once each day.Record the date of calibration in the log book.Performance Test
Run the performance test each time the FTIR is calibrated.From the main menu press OTHER FUNCTIONS ... then press DIAGNOSTIC TESTS.Next, press PERFORMANCE TEST.If the system passes the tests, it will print out a summary of the results.Record the peak-to-peak noise in the log book.If the system fails; align the system, clean the sample cell and rerun the performance test. If the system still fails, refer to the troubleshooting section of the Nicolet® instruction manual.Choosing A Reference
From the main menu, press the upper right button to choose a reference. The system will indicate the type of reference already in the memory.From the next menu, press RUN NEW REFERENCE. The system will display: Clean cell then press RUN It may be necessary to press EXIT to return to the main menu.If necessary, clean the sample cell then press RUN. The system will display: CHECKING CELL CLEANINGThe system will run a sample cell cleaning check before scanning the background. If the sample cell is not clean enough, the system will display: CLEAN CELL AGAIN <Press any key to continue>When the scanning of the background is complete, the following message will appear: Load reference

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