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3534264 OPTION AR-MACHINE Caterpillar parts 844H OPTION
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Caterpillar 3534264 OPTION AR-MACHINE

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WHEEL DOZER  844H   Caterpillar
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You must read and understand the warnings and instructions contained in the Safety section of this manual before performing any operation or maintenance procedures.Cooling System Coolant
Change the Coolant
Do not change the coolant until you read and understand the material in the "Cooling system Specifications" section.
Coolant should be drained and replaced every 2000 service hours or 1 year. However, when adding Caterpillar cooling system conditioner, or equivalent, every 250 service hours as recommended, the drain period can be extended to 4000 service hours or 2 years.Drain the coolant earlier whenever the coolant is dirty or foaming. 1. Unlatch and raise the engine hood. 2. Loosen the two bolts and open the radiator side cover. 3. Loosen the radiator coolant cap slowly to release pressure, and remove the cap. 4. Open drain valve (1) and allow the coolant to drain.5. Close drain valve (1).6. Fill the cooling system with a cleaning solution. Use a commercially available cleaner or 1kg (2 lbs.) sodium bisulfate per 38 liters (10 gal) water as a cleaner.7. Start and operate the engine for 1/2 hour.8. Stop the engine. Open drain valve (1) and drain the cleaning solution.9. Flush the system with water with the engine stopped, until the draining water is clear.10. Close drain valve (1). Fill the system with a neutralizer. Use a commercially available neutralizer.11. Operate the engine for ten minutes.12. Stop the engine. Open drain valve (1) and drain the neutralizer.13. Flush the system with water with the engine stopped, until the draining water is clear.14. Close drain valve (1).15. Fill the system with clean water and operate the engine for five minutes.16. Drain the cooling system and close drain valve (1).17. Open drain valve (1) and repeat the flushing procedure until the draining water is clear. Then close drain valve (1). 18. Add the coolant solution. See "Refill Capacities."Also add 0.9 liters (1 quart) of coolant system conditioner, only when not using Caterpillar antifreeze.19. Start the engine and operate it with the radiator cap off, until the thermostat opens and the level stabilizes. 20. Maintain the coolant level between the FULL and LOW marks on the coolant reservoir.21. Install the radiator cap and close engine hood.22. Close the radiator side cover and tighten the two bolts.23. Stop the engine.Final Drives
Change TDTO Oil
1. Position one final drive with oil drain plug (3) at the bottom. 2. Remove fill plug (1), check plug (2) and drain plug (3). Allow the oil to drain into a container. 3. Clean the plugs and add pipe sealant to plugs. 4. Install drain plug (3). 5. Fill the final drive to bottom of check plug (2) opening. See "Refill Capacities." 6. Install fill plug (1) and check plug (2).7. Repeat steps on the other side of machine.8. Completely remove oil spilled onto surfaces.9. Start the engine and allow the final drives to run through several cycles.10. Stop the engine. Recheck the oil level.11. Check the drained oil for metal chips or particles. If any, contact your

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