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OPTION AR-CONVERSION 3534326 - Caterpillar

3534326 OPTION AR-CONVERSION Caterpillar parts 990H OPTION
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Caterpillar 3534326 OPTION AR-CONVERSION

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WHEEL LOADER  990H   Caterpillar
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1. The crankcase oil level dipstick is located under the engine hood on the engine. Unlatch and raise the engine hood. 2. Remove the dipstick to measure the oil level.After thoroughly removing oil on the dipstick, reinsert and pull it out again. The oil level must be between the Full and Low marks on the dipstick.Badly contaminated or deteriorated oil should be replaced early regardless of the replacement interval. 3. Remove the oil fill plug and add oil if necessary.4. Clean and install the fill plug.5. Close the hood.Engine Cooling System
Look at the Coolant Level
At operating temperature, the engine coolant is hot and under pressure.Steam can cause personal injury.Check the coolant level only after the engine has stopped and the fill cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve pressure.Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.
1. Untatch and open the engine hood cover. 2. Coolant level should be between the marks on the coolant reservoir. 3. If additional coolant is needed, remove the coolant fill cap slowly to relieve any pressure. 4. Inspect the condition of the cap gasket. Replace the cap gasket if necessary.5. Install the radiator cap.6. Close and lock the engine hood cover.7. Close and latch the engine hood.Water Pump, Fan and Alternator Belt
Check and/or adjust
A loose fan belt will result in poor charging of the battery by the alternator, engine overheating, and premature wear of the belt. A tight belt, on the other hand, will cause damage to the bearing and belt.The fan belt must be properly adjusted.Be sure not to stain the belt with and grease. If the belt gets oily or greasy, the efficiency of power transmission is lowered and service life is shortened.
1. Open the engine hood cover. 2. Inspect the condition and adjustment of the belts. Replace the belts if they are cracked or frayed. Replace the belts in sets if belt is damaged. 3. Measure the deflection of the belts. Apply approximately 110 N (25 lb) force midway between the pulleys. Each belt should deflect 14 to 20 mm (9/16 to 13/16 inch).To Adjust the Fan and Alternator Belt
1. To adjust, loosen the generator mounting bolt and adjusting bolt, them move the generator right or left. After correct tension is obtained, tighten the bolts firmly.Hydraulic System
Check the Oil Level
At operating temperature, the hydraulic tank is hot and under pressure. Hot oil can cause burns.Remove the fill cap only when the engine is stopped, and the cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand. Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve pressure.
Never remove the fill cap from the implement hydraulic tank if the oil is hot. Air can enter the system and cause pump damage.
1. The hydraulic oil tank is located on the right side of the machine.2. Stick and bucket cylinders must be fully extended and the bucket on the ground as shown. 3. Maintain the oil level in

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