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3966798 OPTION AR-LINKAGE Caterpillar parts 315D L OPTION
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Caterpillar 3966798 OPTION AR-LINKAGE

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EXCAVATOR  315D L   Caterpillar
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Walk-Around Inspection
For your own safety and maximum service life of the machine, make a thorough walk-around inspection before mounting the machine to start the engine.Look around and under the machine for such items as loose bolts, trash build-up, oil or coolant leaks, broken or worn parts. Inspect the condition of the implements and the hydraulic components. 1. Inspect the engine precleaner bowl for dirt buildup. Remove dirt from bowl when any dirt has accumulated close to the full line on bowl. When the engine filter element indicator enters the red zone, see "Air Intake System" in the "When Required" section of this manual. 2. Inspect the attachments for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged. 3. Inspect the lights for broken bulbs and lenses. Replace if broken. 4. Inspect and remove any trash build-up in the engine compartment.5. Inspect the cooling system for leaks, faulty hoses and trash buildup. Correct any leaks and remove any trash from radiator. 6. Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks. Inspect the tank, hoses, tubes, plugs, joints and fittings. Correct any leaks. 7. Inspect the track, sprockets and idlers for damage, looseness and excessive wear. Correct if needed. 8. Be sure the covers and guards are firmly in place. Inspect for damage. 9. Inspect the steps, walkways and handholds for their condition and cleanliness. Inspect the Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) (if equipped) for damage. If repair is necessary contact your Caterpillar dealer. Tighten any loose ROPS bolts. 10. Inspect the operator's compartment for cleanliness. Keep it clean.11. Inspect the instrument panel for broken gauges and indicator lights. Replace if broken. 12. Inspect the seat belt and mounting for excessive wear and damage. Replace if damaged.13. Adjust the rear view mirrors for best vision.Lines, Tubes and Hoses
Inspect all hydraulic, pressure oil, fuel, high temperature water, etc., lines, tubes and hoses for damage, excessive wear and recommended torques. Do not use your bare hands to check for leaks. Use cardboard or a board. See "Fluid Penetration" in the "Safety" section for more details.Replace damaged, worn, etc., lines, tubes and hoses. Contact your Caterpillar dealer for repair or replacement.Pre-Start Checks
1. Check the hydraulic oil level. The oil level should be maintained at the FULL mark on the sight gauge. 2. Open the access cover. Remove the radiator cap. Maintain the coolant level to within 1 cm (1/2 in) of the bottom of the fill pipe. Install the cap and close the access cover. 3. Remove the cap. Check the fuel level on the dipstick that is in the fill opening. The fuel tank should be full at the beginning of a shift. 4. The fuel tank drain valve is located under the fuel tank. Open the valve and allow moisture to drain. Close the valve. 5. Open the access cover. Check the engine oil level. Maintain the oil level between the ADD and FULL marks on the dipstick. Close the access door. 6. With the engine stopped, turn on the disconnect switch. 7. Service the air

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