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PIN-DOWEL 0000497 - Caterpillar

0000497 PIN-DOWEL Caterpillar parts PIN
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0000497 PIN-DOWEL

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Table 1
Module Identifiers    
MID    Description    
30     Caterpillar monitoring system    
36     Engine Electronic Control Module (ECM)    
79     Hydrostatic transmission control    
122     Product link    
124     Theft deterrent system    Component Identifier (CID) - The CID is a number with three or four digits. The CID indicates the component that generated the code. For example, the CID number 17 identifies the fuel shutoff valve.Failure Mode Identifier (FMI) - The FMI is a two digit code that indicates the type of failure. Table 2 is a list of the failure mode identifiers.
Table 2
Failure Mode Identifiers    
FMI    Description    
00     The data is valid, but the data is above the normal range of operation.    
01     The data is valid, but the data is below the normal range of operation.    
02     The data is erratic, intermittent, or incorrect.    
03     The voltage is above normal or shorted high.    
04     The voltage is below normal or shorted low.    
05     The current is below normal or the circuit is open.    
06     The current is above normal or the circuit is grounded.    
07     The mechanical system is not responding correctly.    
08     There is a frequency, a pulse width, or a period that is abnormal.    
09     There has been an abnormal update.    
10     There has been an abnormal rate of change.    
11     The failure mode is not identifiable.    
12     The device or the component is faulty.    
13     The device or the component is out of calibration.    
14-31     Reserved    Note: Do not confuse diagnostic codes with event codes. For information on event codes, see Troubleshooting, "Event Codes".Active Diagnostic Codes
An active diagnostic code represents a problem with the electronic control system. Correct the problem as soon as possible.When an active diagnostic code is generated, a warning may be displayed on an electronic display such as the Caterpillar Monitoring System.Logged Diagnostic Codes
When the ECM generates a diagnostic code, the ECM logs the code in permanent memory. The ECM has an internal diagnostic clock. The ECM will record the following information when a code is generated:
Hour of the first occurrence of the code
Hour of the last occurrence of the code
Number of occurrences of the codeThis information is a valuable indicator for troubleshooting intermittent problems. Any logged diagnostic codes will automatically be deleted if no additional occurrences are recorded in 100 hours. Some diagnostic codes may be easily triggered. Some diagnostic codes may log occurrences that did not result in complaints. The most likely cause of an intermittent problem is a faulty connection or damaged wiring. The next likely cause is a component failure. The least likely cause is the failure of the ECM. Diagnostic codes that are logged repeatedly may indicate a problem that needs special investigation.If the symptoms continue, use the proper procedure for troubleshooting the symptoms that

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