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2277935 PIN AS Caterpillar parts PIN
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Caterpillar 2277935 PIN AS

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Above -18°C (0°F)
1. Turn the disconnect switch to ON, if not already on. 2. Fasten the seat belt. 3. Move transmission selector lever (1) to NEUTRAL. Apply parking brake (2). 4. Observe the body down indicator. The body should be down and the hoist control in FLOAT position. 5. Depress the accelerator slightly.Test Operation
After every 30 seconds of engine cranking, allow two minutes for the starting motor to cool before cranking again.Never turn the disconnect switch off while the engine is running. Serious damage to the electrical system can result.
Move the ether switch to the TEST/DISABLEposition. The warning alarm will come on for two seconds and the empty ether cylinder warning lights will remain on until the switch is moved to the AUTO posistion. This signals the operator that the system is functioning. Return the switch to AUTO. If warning light (1) is flashing, during operation, ether cylinder one is empty and needs to be replaced. If warning light (2) is flashing, replace that cylinder.Warning Operation
Noncritical Fault
When a noncritical fault is present, both empty cylinder lights (1) and (2) will activate and flash out of synchronization with each other. The system will continue to operate during a noncritical fault. Have the necessary repairs made before returning the machine back to work.Critical Fault
When a critical fault is present, both ether cylinder warning lights flash out of synchronization and the alarm will sound during AUTO injection.The red fault indicator will also flash. This indicates the ether injection control has failed and must be replaced.
Inject ether ONLY while cranking the engine or to clear white smoke after starting engine up. Use the ether sparingly. Excessive ether can cause piston and ring damage.
6. Position the ether starting aid switch (1) in the automatic position. Turn the engine start switch key (2) to START. 7. Release the engine start switch key when the engine starts. 8. If the engine does not continue to run smoothly, after automatic injection has been completed, move the ether starting aid switch to the MANUAL position, hold for two seconds, and return to the AUTO position. Repeat this procedure until the engine is running smoothly.
After every 30 seconds of engine cranking, allow two minutes for the starting motor to cool before cranking again. At engine coolant temperature of 65°C (150°F) and above, the ether aid system is automatically disarmed and will not disperse ether into the engine.
For starting below -18°C (0°F), use of additional cold weather starting aids is recommended. A coolant heater, fuel heater or extra battery capacity may be required.At temperatures below -23°C (-10°F), consult your Caterpillar dealer, or refer to the "Cold Weather Recommendations Operation and Maintenance Manual," form SEBU5898, available from your Caterpillar dealer.Starting with an External Air Supply
Do not exceed 1035 kPa (150 psi).
Before charging the air start tank from an external air supply, drain the water from the external air supply system. 1. Remove the coupling cover. Connect the auxiliary air supply hose to fitting.2. After the engine starts, remove the supply

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