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2277957 PIN Caterpillar parts 345B II, 345C PIN
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Caterpillar 2277957 PIN

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EXCAVATOR  345B II   345C   Caterpillar
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Installation Procedure
Table 1
Required Tools
Tool Part Number Part Description Qty
A 5P-3975 Rubber Lubricant 1
B 4C-5597 Anti-Seize Compound 1
Keep all parts clean from contaminants.Contaminants may cause rapid wear and shortened component life.
Illustration 1 g03374269
Ensure that turbocharger (19) is clean and free from damage. Inspect the turbocharger for wear. Refer to System Operation, Testing and Adjusting, "Turbocharger Inspect" for more information. If the turbocharger is worn, the complete turbocharger must be replaced.
Test the wastegate actuator (1) for correct operation. Refer to System Operation, Testing and Adjusting, "Turbocharger Inspect". If the wastegate actuator is damaged or the wastegate actuator does not operate within the specified limits, the turbocharger assembly must be replaced.
Illustration 2 g03374197
Place exhaust manifold (4) in a suitable support.
Clean the gasket surfaces of exhaust manifold (4) and spacer (22).
If necessary, install studs (24) to exhaust manifold (4). Apply Tooling (B) to the threads of studs (24). Tighten the studs to a torque of 18 N m (159 lb in).
Position spacer (22) onto the exhaust manifold. Ensure that the spacer is correctly orientated.
Position turbocharger (19) onto exhaust manifold (4). Note: Ensure that the turbocharger is correctly oriented.
Apply Tooling (B) to the threads of nuts (20). Install the nuts. Tighten the nuts to a torque of 44 N m (32 lb ft).
If a new turbocharger is installed, bearing housing (27) and compressor housing (26) must be oriented to the correct positions. Refer to Illustration 1. Follow Step 9.a through Step 9.d in order to orient the bearing housing and the compressor housing.
Loosen band clamps (28) sufficiently in order to allow the housings to rotate. Note: If the band clamps are damaged, replace the band clamps.
Carefully turn bearing housing (27) until the port for oil feed (25) is upward.
Rotate compressor housing (26) until the compressor outlet is in the correct position. Refer to the turbocharger that was originally installed for the correct orientation.
Ensure that band clamps (28) are correctly oriented. Refer to the turbocharger that was originally installed for the correct orientation. Tighten the band clamps finger tight.
Ensure that tube assembly (14) and tube assembly (9) are clean, free from damage, and restriction. Replace any damaged components.
Position a gasket joint (21) (not shown) and bolts (23) onto tube assembly (14).
Install tube assembly (14) onto turbocharger (19). Tighten bolts (23) finger tight.
Remove the plug from oil inlet port (25). Refer to Illustration 1. Lubricate the turbocharger bearings with clean engine oil through the oil inlet port. Rotate the wheel of the compressor several times in order to lubricate the bearings.
Position a new sealing washer (18) (not shown) onto banjo bolt (17). Install banjo bolt (9) to tube assembly (14).
Position tube assembly (14) onto turbocharger (19) and install remaining new sealing washer (18) (not shown).
Tighten banjo bolt (9) finger tight.
Illustration 3 g03374196
Install exhaust manifold (4) and the assembly of the turbocharger to the cylinder head. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Exhaust Manifold - Remove and Install" for the correct procedure.
If a new turbocharger has been installed, check that the orientation of bearing housing (27)

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