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PIN 2H9148 - Caterpillar

2H9148 PIN Caterpillar parts D337 PIN
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Caterpillar 2H9148 PIN

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MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
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Never visually inspect the fill and relief valve to see if grease or oil is coming out of it. Make sure the vent hole in the valve is clean before the tension is released on the track. Watch the cylinder to see that it moves.
Torque for the fill and relief valves ... 37 7 N m (25 5 lb ft)Track Adjustment:
The track adjustment procedure must be performed under the same conditions in which the machine is used. Packing must NOT be removed from the track. If packing conditions exist on the job DO NOT force packing material from between the track parts during track adjustment.1. Move the machine forward a distance of two times its length. Allow the machine to SLOWLY come to a stop.2. Use the hydraulic track adjuster to move the idler forward [extended rod (2)] until the track is in the full tight position.3. Use a straight edge against face (A) and make a mark (B) on the rod even with face (A).4. Make a mark (C) on rod (2) 10 mm (.4 in) in front of mark (B).5. Open the relief valve and let the idler move back [retract rod (2)] until mark (C) is behind face (A). Move the machine back and forth to move the idler back.6. Close the relief valve.7. Use the hydraulic track adjuster to move the idler forward again until mark (C) is even with face (A). When distance (D) between flange (1) and bulkhead (3) becomes 60 mm (2.4 in), move guiding guard (5) forward and install bolts (6) in alternate holes (4) of the guiding guard.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B00300-00455

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