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PIN-YM 3967265 - Caterpillar

3967265 PIN-YM Caterpillar parts
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3967265 PIN-YM
Weight: 7 pounds 3 kg.

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Caterpillar parts 3967265
Caterpillar parts 3967265
Caterpillar parts 3967265
Caterpillar parts 3967265


The need for a major overhaul is determined by several factors.
An increase of oil consumption
An increase of crankcase blowby
A decrease and variation of cylinder compressionOther factors must also be considered for determining a major overhaul:
The total amount of fuel consumption
The wear metal analysis of the lube oil
An increase in the levels of noise and vibrationAn increase of wear metals in the lube oil indicates that the bearings and the surfaces that wear will need serviced. An increase in the levels of noise and vibration indicates that rotating parts require service.Note: Oil analysis can indicate a decrease of wear metals in the lube oil. The cylinder liners may be worn so that polishing of the bore occurs. Also, the increased use of lube oil will dilute the wear metals.Monitor the engine as the engine accumulates service hours. Consult your Cat dealer about scheduling a major overhaul.Note: The driven equipment may also require service when the engine is overhauled. Refer to the literature that is provided by the OEM of the driven equipment.A major overhaul includes all of the work that is done for top end overhauls. A major overhaul includes additional parts and labor. Additional parts and labor are required in order to rebuild the engine.For the major overhaul, all of the bearings, seals, gaskets, and components that wear are disassembled. The parts are cleaned and inspected. If necessary, the parts are replaced. The crankshaft is measured for wear. The crankshaft may require regrinding. Alternatively, the crankshaft may be replaced with a Cat replacement part.Your Cat dealer can provide these services and components. Your Cat dealer can ensure that the components are operating within the appropriate specifications.If you elect to perform an overhaul without the services of a Cat dealer, be aware of the following recommendations.Fuel Consumption Before A Major Overhaul
The overhaul interval that is listed in this Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Maintenance Interval Schedule" is expressed in service hours. A more accurate figure to use is fuel consumption. Fuel consumption corresponds more accurately to the engine load. Table 1 lists an average range of fuel consumption for a reasonable load factor before a major overhaul.
Table 1
Approximate Fuel Consumption Before A Major Overhaul
Engine Model Fuel Consumption
C280-16 30320000 L (8010544 US gal) Remanufacturing or Rebuilding of Components
Rework the following components.
Air shutoff valve
Centrifugal oil filter bearings
Cylinder heads
Starting motorReplacement of Components
Replace the following components.
Accessory group bearings
Connecting rod bearings
Cylinder head gaskets
Cylinder head valves and valve guides
Cylinder head valve spring guides
Exhaust manifold gaskets
Exhaust manifold seals and bellows
Exhaust shields
Front gear train bearings
Inlet air line seals
Oil temperature regulators and seals
Unit injectors
Water pump bearings and seals
Water temperature regulators and sealsInspection and/or Replacement of Components
Inspect the following components according to the instructions that are in Caterpillar reusability publications. Refer to Guidelines for Reusable Parts and Salvage Operations, SEBF8029, "Index of Publications on Reusability or Salvage of Used Parts". Replace the components, if necessary.
Aftercooler core
Alarm and shutoff controls
Camshaft bearings
Connecting rod bearings
Cylinder liners
Cylinder sleeves
DEF pump
Exhaust manifolds
Front gear group
Fuel transfer pump seals
Main bearings
Oil cooler seals
Oil pump bushings and seals
O-Ring seals

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