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PIN 4416207 - Caterpillar

4416207 PIN Caterpillar parts SE60 V XW
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 4416207 PIN
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 4416207:

ASPHALT SCREED  SE60 V XW   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 6
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This is a 1.0-hour job
Note: The cost of the harness assembly made by a third party/sublet or the 1.0 hours of labor that is taken to make the harness assembly by a dealer/third party/sublet is acceptable? - ?claim should follow Caterpillar warranty guidelines.
Note: An additional 3.0 hours is allowed when assembly is completed at the dealership. This comes to a total of 4.0 hours.
Handle the parts in accordance with your Warranty Bulletin on warranty parts handling.
Rework Procedure
Note: Use all applicable safety precautions while working on, around, or under any machinery.
Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, for your machine, for additional safety information before starting this Rework Procedure.
1. Turn the key switch OFF and remove the key from the MAIN switch.
2. Remove the A/C harness from A/C group. Refer to Image1.2.1.
3. Remove all cable straps from the harness. Refer to Image1.3.1.
4. Disconnect wires 488-WH-18 (1) and (2) from terminal 7 of Connector A and terminal 7 of Connector C. The diode, Connector B, and the removed wires will not be reused. Refer to Image1.4.1.
5. Cut wire 200-BK-14 at the point of S1. Cut wire E554-PK-18 at the point of S2.
6. Make 3 lines. For the part number and length, refer to Image1.6.1.
7. Connect the lines to the 149-5051 Connector. Refer to Image1.7.1.
8. Splice the lines at the point of S1 and S2. Connect the WH-18 line from the 149-5051 Connector to terminal 7 of Connector C. Install 8T-8737 Plug to the terminal 7 of Connector A. Refer to schematic in Image1.8.1. Refer to Image1.8.2 for examples of splicing.
All the wires must be in touch to each other on splicing. No open circuit is allowed.
Metal parts must be isolated on splicing. No short circuit is allowed.
9. Tie the harness with five new 3S-2093 Cable Straps. Refer to Image1.9.1.
10. Install the new 149-5050 Relay between the spacer and the clip. Tighten the bolt to a specified torque of 12 +/-3 N.m. Install the harness. Fix the harness with three 3S-2093 Cable Straps. Refer to Image1.10.1.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

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