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1695376 PIPE-LH Caterpillar parts 3512B
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Caterpillar 1695376 PIPE-LH

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MARINE AUXILIARY  3512B   Caterpillar
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PTO Operation
This tractor is equipped with an electronically controlled, 1000 rpm independent power take-off (PTO). A 20-spline, 44.5 mm (1.75 in) shaft is supplied as standard equipment.The PTO clutch is electronically modulated to provide smooth clutch engagement and long clutch life. For safety, the PTO clutch will automatically disengage when the engine is stopped or stalls. In addition, an operator presence switch in the seat activates a 5-second audible alarm if the operator leaves the seat while the PTO is engaged.A PTO driveline brake is fitted and is automatically applied whenever the PTO is not engaged and the engine is running. When the engine is stopped, the brake is disengaged, allowing the PTO shaft to be rotated by hand to assist with attaching implement driveshafts.Engaging PTO
1. With the engine at 1000 rpm or less, engage the PTO by depressing center button (1) on PTO control knob (2) and pulling up on the knob. Release the button when green status light (3) illuminates. The PTO indicator lamp along the top right side of the EMC panel will also be illuminated.2. Observe PTO driven equipment to be sure the equipment is operating properly. If a problem, such as excessive vibration, is found, immediately stop the PTO by pressing down on PTO knob (2). Investigate and correct the cause before restarting the PTO.3. Gradually bring the engine up to operating speed. Adjust the throttle to achieve approximately 1900 engine rpm (1000 PTO rpm) under load. The EMC monitors PTO speed to check for an overspeed condition. If PTO speed is greater than 1152 rpm, the PTO ON status lamp on the EMC panel will flash and a 1-second audible alarm will occur. The green system status lamp will also flash during an overspeed condition.
Entanglement with rotating machinery can cause injury or death. To avoid entanglement, do not approach or work on the PTO shaft or equipment with the PTO in operation. Shut off the engine and allow the PTO to come to a stop before working on the PTO or equipment.Never stand on the tractor PTO shield during PTO operation.
Disengaging PTO
To disengage the PTO, reduce engine speed to 1000 rpm or less, then fully depress and release PTO control knob (1). The independent PTO is controlled only by the PTO control knob. The operation of the inching pedal does not affect the PTO operation.PTO Shield Adjustments
PTO shield (2) is provided to help protect persons from entanglement with a rotating PTO shaft. The PTO shield is adjustable to three positions by placing prop rod (3) in positions A, B or C. Position A - Shield is level. Use this position during normal PTO operation. Position B - Shield is titled upward. Only use this position while attaching implement a PTO shaft to the tractor. Lower the shield to position "A" after shaft is attached. Position C - Shield is tilted downward. Use this position to provide clearance for the three-point hitch pitch link when non-PTO implements are attached.
When disengaging PTO, reduce engine

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