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Assembly Of 6V9061 Pump
(1) Clean all parts thoroughly.(2) Install connector (43) to manifold plate (7) with pipe sealant. Install manifold plate (7) to cover (10) using gasket (34) and three bolts (33).(3) Install tee (27) to connector (43); do not tighten.(4) Install connector (28) to gauge assembly (26) with pipe sealant. Install gauge (26) to cover (10) using gasket (30), three bolts (23) and locknuts (24).(5) Assemble plunger assembly (41) and cylinder (42) [with hole (A) at the top] to pump assembly (32). Hold this assembly in place on the bottom side of cover (10). Install wiper (39) in top cap (38). Install gasket (40), top cap (38), five copper gaskets (36), bracket (37) and four bolts (35). Use two copper gaskets (36) with brackets (37) as shown and install one gasket each with the other three bolts (35).(6) Connect tube (31) to pump assembly (32) and tee (27); do not tighten.(7) Connect tube (25) to gauge connector (28) and tee (27).(8) TIGHTEN ALL FITTINGS AND TUBES.(9) Install the complete cover assembly (10) on reservoir (tank) assembly (11), using gasket (12), eight lockwashers (9) and bolts (8). Tighten bolts (8) to a torque of 1.11 to 1.24 N m (8 to 9 lb.ft.).(10) Install shear seal valve assembly (6) using four bolts (5). Tighten bolts (5) to a torque of 7.6 N m (55 lb.ft.).(11) Install pin (18), with the flat section down, into beam (17). Install beam (17) over plunger assembly (41) and engage pin (18) with the slot in plunger (41). Move beam (17) so the holes in the beam are in alignment with the holes in top cap (38). Install pin (16) and snap rings (15). Install wave washer (22), one washer (20), hook (21), the other washer (20) and bolt (19).(12) Slide handle (2) into beam (17) and install threaded pin (1). Install grip (3).(13) Connect two hoses (4) and couplers (47).(14) Fill the reservoir (tank) with clean oil and install O-ring (14) and filler plug (13).Trouble Shooting Procedure 1. Before disassembling shear seal valve (6), first check to see if the pump sends oil to the valve. To do this, disconnect tube (31) from the shear seal valve and operate the pump. Pump flow should be approximately as follows: 117 mL (7.14 cu.in.) per stroke at 1720 kPa (250 psi) maximum4.2 mL (.257 cu.in.) per stroke at pressure more than 1720 kPa (250 psi)2. Check operation of outlet check balls (50) and (53) by application of pressure to the outlet port with a different pump.3. If the pump is operating correctly and the shear seal valve is not, disassemble the valve. (See topic, DISASSEMBLY OF SHEAR SEAL VALVE ASSEMBLY, pages 10 and 11.)Disassembly Of Shear Seal Valve
(1) Remove screw (1), washer (2) and handle (3).(2) Remove detent plate (4), detent ball (5), and detent spring (6).(3) Remove four O-rings (8) and two bolts (9).(4) Remove valve body assembly (10) and spacer shim (24). (A) Remove three shear seals (11); two backup rings (12)

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