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PLATE, THRUST 1C4118 - Caterpillar

1C4118 PLATE, THRUST Caterpillar parts PLATE
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Caterpillar 1C4118 PLATE, THRUST
Weight: 0.13 pounds 0 kg.

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*Part of 6V-4096 Governor Adjusting Tool.Start By:a. remove fuel injection linesb. disassemble governor ****Disassemble the governor far enough so Tool (E) of "Install Fuel Injection Pumps" can be installed. 1. Remove plug (1) from the rack zero pin hole. Remove two bolts (2) and cover (3). 2. Move the rack toward the rear of the engine until Tool (A) can be installed to hold the rack in the "zero" position. Install Tool (A) in the rack zero pin hole. 3. Use Tool (B) and a suitable wrench to loosen bushing (4). After bushing (4) has been loosened, remove Tool (B). 4. Install Tool (C) and compress the fuel pump spring. Hold Tool (C) in position and remove bushing (4). 5. Check seal (5) on bushing (4) for damage or wear and replace with a new part if necessary. 6. Remove fuel injection pump (6) with Tool (D).
When injection pumps, spacers and lifters are removed from the injection pump housing, keep the parts of each pump together so they can be installed back in their original location.
7. Remove spacers (7) from the pump housing.Install Fuel Injection Pumps 1251-012
*Part of 6V-4096 Governor Adjusting Tool Group**Part of 6V-9128 Rack Position Tool Group 1. Move the rack until Tool (A) can be installed to hold the rack in the zero position. The rack must be in the zero position to install the fuel injection pumps. Spacers (2) are the same thickness for each fuel injection pump so they can be mixed. The fuel injection pump plungers and barrels are sets and cannot be mixed.2. Install spacers (2) in the fuel pump housing.3. Install Tool (B) on the bonnet of the fuel pump as shown.4. Install the fuel pump in the pump housing with the saw cut slot (5) in the gear in alignment with small pin (1) in the lifter assembly and groove (4) in the barrel in alignment with large pin (3) in the pump housing. 5. Install the seal and bushing (6) on the fuel pump. 6. Put Tool (C) in position on the fuel pump housing as shown.7. Lower the handle slowly and carefully. If the fuel pump is not installed correctly, the handle will not go all the way down. Do nottry to use force on it. Remove and install the tooling and the fuel pump again. 8. Make sure the seal is in its correct position, and start to tighten bushing (6) with Tool (D). Tighten the bushing to a torque of 260 15 N m (190 10 lb ft).Back off 180 degreesand tighten the bushing again to a torque of 260 15 N m (190 10 lb ft). 9. After each fuel pump has been installed, follow the steps below to check total rack travel to make sure each pump has been installed correctly.a. Install Tool (E) on the fuel pump housing as shown and zero the dial indicator.b. Remove Tool (A) from the fuel pump housing.c. Move rack (7) in and

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