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PLATE 2278831 - Caterpillar

2278831 PLATE Caterpillar parts PLATE
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Caterpillar 2278831 PLATE
Weight: 118 pounds 53 kg.

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Use Caterpillar Antifreeze or ASTM D985-89 (GM Specification 6038-M) Antifreeze. Caterpillar Antifreeze is available through your Caterpillar dealer in quantities that follow. Most commercial antifreezes are formulated for gasoline engine applications and, therefore, have high silicate content. Caterpillar Antifreeze is formulated with a low silicate content and the proper coolant additives for heavy duty diesel engines.ASTM D4985-89 (GM Specification 6038-M) is a low silicate antifreeze, but supplemental coolant additive must be added.The major advantages of Caterpillar Antifreeze are:* Significantly reduces water pump seal leakage problems caused by excessive concentration of chemical additives.* There is no need to add supplemental coolant additive on initial fill which must be done with current commercially available antifreezes.* High silicate antifreezes used with a supplemental coolant additive can cause a build up of solids over a period of time which can cause plugging, loss of heat transfer, and water pump seal damage. Make proper antifreeze additions.Adding pure antifreeze as a makeup solution for cooling system top-up is an unacceptable practice. It increases the concentration of antifreeze in the cooling system which increases the concentration of dissolved solids and undissolved chemical inhibitors in the cooling system. Add antifreeze mixed with water to the same freeze protection as your cooling system. Pure, undiluted antifreeze will freeze at -23°C (-10°F).Use the chart below to assist in determining the concentration of Caterpillar Antifreeze to use.
5P0957 Coolant Tester (°F) or 5P3514 Coolant Tester (°C)Both are available at your Caterpillar dealer.Check the coolant solution frequently in cold weather for glycol concentration with the 5P0957 or 5P3514 Coolant Tester to ensure adequate protection. Both testers are identical except temperature scale. They give immediate, accurate readings and can be used for antifreeze/coolants that contain ethylene or propylene glycol.If propylene glycol based antifreeze is used, DO NOT allow concentration greater than a 50/50 antifreeze to water mixture. The measurement of freeze protection must be made with a refractive-type tester (Cat 5P0957 or 5P3514) rather than a hydrometer-type, which can be used to test ethylene glycol based antifreeze.Supplemental Coolant Additive
Supplemental coolant additive is necessary to prevent rust, scale, pitting and/or corrosion of engine parts that coolant comes in contact with. Most antifreeze solutions DO NOT contain sufficient supplemental coolant additive. If other than Caterpillar products are used as the supplemental coolant additive, follow the manufacturers' recommendation for cooling system treatment and test evaluation.DO NOT mix Caterpillar Supplemental Coolant Additive or supplemental coolant additive elements with the other products available; select a cooling system treatment and use it exclusively.Liquid supplemental coolant additive can be purchased from your Caterpillar dealer. Follow the instructions on the container.
Always add supplemental coolant additive or equivalent to the coolant, or install a Caterpillar supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped). Never use coolant only, except if Caterpillar Antifreeze is being used which contains the additive. In this case, no supplemental coolant additive is needed on initial fill, but is necessary on a maintenance basis.Use supplemental coolant additive or a supplemental coolant additive element (if equipped). This provides a 3 to

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