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PLATE AS 2332986 - Caterpillar

2332986 PLATE AS Caterpillar parts M313C PLATE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2332986 PLATE AS
Weight: 13 pounds 6 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2332986:

WHEELED EXCAVATOR  M313C   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 5
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Illustration 1 g00624922
(1) Main Disconnect Switch on the Control Panel.
Turn the grapple/magnet switch to the grapple position in order to stop the generator. Move the main disconnect switch (1) to the OFF position. Place a lockout tag on the main disconnect switch (1).
Place the magnet on the ground. Disconnect the leads that come from the front of the machine.
Attach the resistance bridge or the meter to the two leads of the magnet. Measure the resistance. Compare the reading to the original readings from the manufacturer. If the measurements are within tolerance, proceed to 5. If the readings are not within tolerance, proceed to 4.
Disconnect the leads from the terminals of the magnet. Take a reading directly from the terminals of the magnet. If the readings are now within tolerance, replace the leads of the magnet. If the readings are not within tolerance, replace the magnet.
Connect the two leads from the megohmmeter to two clean areas of the housing of the magnet. Take a reading. The resistance reading should be zero. If the reading is not zero, place the leads in a different place and measure the resistance again. Once you have obtained a zero reading on the megohmmeter, remove one of the leads and attach the lead to one terminal of the magnet. Make sure that the other lead is not touching the magnet or any metal. Take a resistance reading. If the reading is above 0.05 megohm, the magnet is within tolerance. If the reading is below 0.05 megohm, replace the magnet.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
M313C Excavator BDR00001-02000 (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054 Engine
M313C Excavator BDR02001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054E Engine
M313C Excavator H2A00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054E Engine

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