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To avoid damage to the digital pyrometer, make sure you read and understand the instructions.
Deviation from these installation instructions may result in improper engine operation which could cause personal injury.
Reference: Parts Book, Service Manual, Electrical Schematic provided with your engine.Material Required
9Y1784 Digital Pyrometer(s) for °C, or ... ... 7E0870 Digital Pyrometer(s) for °F.Mounting PanelType-K extension wireType-K ungrounded thermocouplesPlastic (non metallic) conduitRelayInstallation
Mount the pyrometer(s) inside a control panel or to a suitable flat surface with the display at a convenient viewing height. The pyrometer fits an industry standard cutout for a round 114.3 mm (4.5 in) diameter gauge.If the enclosure has a door, make sure that the face of the pyrometer(s) is set back far enough to ensure the door does not hit the push buttons. Avoid mounting the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) in direct sunlight. The display temperature range is -40°C to 79°C (-40°F to 175°F). The setpoint switch function will operate over a range of -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F).Wiring
The pyrometer is designed to be powered by a 12 to 125 volt DC power source. Connect the power source to the pyrometer observing the correct polarity as indicated on the back of the pyrometer. Terminal 1, (-) minus connection, to be connected to power supply ground and terminal 2, (+) positive connection, to the power supply (+) positive. Make sure that the power source is adequately fused to minimize the possibility of damage should a failure occur. The power source should also be automatically switched so that power is available only when the engine is started and running.Thermocouple
Channel "0" is used to monitor turbocharger inlet temperature. This thermocouple input temperature is continuously compared to the set point temperature setting selected by the operator.Connect type K thermocouple extension wire from the turbocharger inlet thermocouple to channel "0" of the pyrometer. Connect the Red wire to the upper terminal and the Yellow wire to the lower terminal.If channel "0" is not going to be used, connect a jumper wire across the input terminals at the rear of the pyrometer.For six or eight cylinder (In-line) engines: Connect type K thermocouple extension wire from each thermocouple sensing source to the back of the pyrometer (cylinder 1 thermocouple to channel 1, cylinder 2 to channel 2, etc.). Connect the Red wire to the upper terminal and the Yellow wire to the lower terminal. For twelve and sixteen cylinder (Vee-block) engines two pyrometers will be used. Connect all odd numbered cylinders (1-3-5-7-9-etc.) to one pyrometer, connect all even numbered cylinders (2-4-6-8-10-etc.) to the second pyrometer.To insure an accurate signal to the pyrometer from the thermocouples, avoid any unnecessary junctions, splices, and contact with other metals. Take care not to damage the insulation of the thermocouple extension wire when installing, and protect from vibration, abrasion, or liquids in conduit.Protect all thermocouple extension wiring by running the wires in conduit. Never run thermocouple wires in the same conduit that is used for ignition wiring or other high energy wiring such as AC power.Keep secondary

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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