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PLATE AS-HINGE 4647263 - Caterpillar

4647263 PLATE AS-HINGE Caterpillar parts PLATE
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Caterpillar 4647263 PLATE AS-HINGE

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Illustration 8 g01438898
Use correct angles to avoid interference in the boom up.
Install the vacuum source onto the hydraulic tank.
Replace the 275-1545 Hose As with 275-1392 Hose As from the main valve to the 266-0954 Block .
Install the 260-8027 Support As onto the right hand side of the machine. Use four 8T-4956 Bolts and 8T-4223 Hard Washers .
Insert two 8T-4956 Bolts and 8T-4223 Hard Washers in the bottom of the 255-1953 Support As . Keep 15 mm (0.59 inch) minimum clearance between the support and the washer.
Illustration 9 g01438947
Use a lifting device to position the subassembly of the valve onto the right hand support of the machine. Use previously inserted bolts for positioning.
Install the subassembly on the support. Use the additional 8T-4956 Bolts and the 8T-4223 Hard Washers . Tighten these four bolts.
Illustration 10 g01438950
Connect the drain from the electric check valve (ECV) to the machine drain circuit 087-5306 Hose As . Reinstall 9M-8406 Clip and the spacer. Refer to Illustration 11.
Reinstall the support plate for the harness on the right side front of the (ECV). Connect the electric relief valve (ERV) and the (ECV) harnesses ECV2 BU-Bk, ERV2 PU-YL, ECV direct WH-BK. Refer to Illustration 11.
Use a 204-1611 Cable Strap (3 times) and a 3S-2093 Cable Strap (3 times) to secure the harness.
Install the 193-9994 Hose As and the 204-8428 Hose As .
Connect the 267-6443 Hose As to the block on the right hand side. Use two 1P-4578 Half Flanges , four 8T-4186 Bolts and 8T-4121 Hard Washers . Connect the hose from the main valve to the 266-0954 Block .
Install the 275-1388 Hose As between both sides. Reconnect the high pressure auxiliary line from the boom onto the 266-0954 Block . Use two 1P-5767 Half Flanges , four 8T-4194 Bolts and 8T-4223 Hard Washers .
Illustration 11 g01439009
(20) Reconnect the drain hose. (21) Support plate (22) Clip and spacer
Illustration 12 g01460601
(23) 275-1388 Hose As (24) 275-1392 Hose As (25) 193-9994 Hose As (26) 204-8428 Hose As
Remove the vacuum source from the hydraulic tank and check the oil level. Replace the filler cap and tighten to specified torque.
Turn the switch inside the cab to the I position. Select any two-way tool on the monitor.
Navigate on the monitor to the service mode and then to configurations/tool installation/variable relief #2. Change the status from not installed to a status of installed V1 RET.
Illustration 13 g01439016
Install the pressure gauge on the main pump pressure tap (P1 or P2).
Start the machine. Purge the air from the hydraulic lines by actuating the auxiliary circuit several times in both directions at low idle.
Reset the auxiliary mechanical relief valve back to 37000 kPa (5350 psi) that is located on the main valve.
Navigate on the monitor to service/calibrations/relief valves and select the ATCH #2 RLF VALVE and follow the calibration instructions.
Illustration 14 g01439068
Through the monitor or electronic technician (ET), for every tool programs, set the variable relief #2 pressure according to the

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