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62000474 PLATE, BEARING Caterpillar parts CB-614
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Caterpillar 62000474 PLATE, BEARING

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Illustration 1 g00903279
(1) Sun gear and shaft
(2) Carrier
(3) Ring gear
(4) O-ring seal
(5) Final drive housing
(6) Lip type seal
(7) Washer
(8) Wear ring
(9) Tapered roller bearing
(10) Sprocket
(11) Output shaft
(12) Planet shaft
(13) Planet gear
(14) Shaft retainer
(15) Tandem pivoting housing
(16) Tandem housing
Illustration 2 g00903385
(16) Tandem housing
(17) Chain
(18) Wheel spindle
(19) Spindle housing
(20) Wheel sprocket The final drive is a planetary gear system that increases the torque to the wheels. The final drive also transfers torque to the wheels. Each wheel is driven by chain (17) that connects final drive sprocket (10) on each wheel spindle (18). The final drive also provides the pivot point for each tandem wheel.The differential drives the sun gear and shaft (1). Planet gear (13) is driven by the sun gear. Planet gear (13) rotates on the inside of ring gear (3). Planet gear (13) drives carrier (2). Carrier (2) is splined to output shaft (11).Two sprockets (10) are splined onto each output shaft (11) of the final drive. These sprockets (10) are in the center of the tandem drive between the wheels. Chain (17) that is between the center and wheel sprockets (20) drives each wheel on the tandem drive. Wheel spindle (18) is splined to wheel sprocket (20). Wheel sprocket (20) turns wheel spindle (18).Tandem housing (16) is connected with bolts to the pivot housing (15). Pivot housing (15) allows the wheels to oscillate tandem housing (16). Two wear rings (8), washers (7) and two seals are between final drive housing (5) and pivot housing (15).Wheel spindle housings (19) also contain the components for the service brakes. The brake components are lubricated and cooled by the oil in the tandem housing. This oil is circulated by the movement of the wheels. The plug at the bottom of the brake housing can be used for checking the wear to brake components.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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