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POWER TRAIN AR 4647251 - Caterpillar

4647251 POWER TRAIN AR Caterpillar parts POWER
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Caterpillar 4647251 POWER TRAIN AR

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Input/Output Connector
Cat® Data Link
The Cat® Data Link is used to communicate with the machine monitoring system and other machine ECMs. The Cat Data Link is bidirectional, allowing ECMs to input and output information, permitting the sharing of information. This shared information can be machine codes, diagnostics, and software updates.RS-232 Data Link
The data links are serial ports. These serial ports are used to communicate with other systems. These systems can be printers and personal computers. These data links are connectors 3, 4, 5, and 9. The RS-232 Data Link is bidirectional, allowing the module to communicate with a printer or another PC.Input
There are four types of inputs:
Frequency inputs
PWM inputs
Sensor inputs
Switch inputsThe input can be made from a switch or from a sensor. Switches and harness wiring provide an open or a ground to the switch input of the ECM. Sensors can be frequency modulated or pulse width modulated. Sensors provide a changing signal. These signals are sent to the ECM.Frequency Sensor
Frequency sensors (13 and 16) send an AC signal to the ECM which represents the pressure at the lift cylinders. The ECM measures the frequency of the AC signals.Position Sensor Input
The pulse width modulated input sensor is contact 20. The PWM signal represents the lift height. This information is provided by the position sensor. The ECM measures the duty cycle of the PWM signal. This signal represents the angle of the lift arms.Switch Input
The optional switch inputs are contacts 11, 17, 22, and 23. The switch input is connected to the ground or the switch input is open. The switch input provides the same function as pressing the respective key that is on the keypad. Input for the Keypad
The input for the keypad is contact 14. This input receives digital information from the keypad.Voltage Input
The voltage input is contact 1. This contact provides 24 VDC.Output
The voltage output is contact 7, providing 18 VDC to 24 VDC to power the keypad. If the keypad is connected to the control, the measured voltage will be 8 VDC to 15 VDC.Display
Illustration 1 g00983860
The display has two lines that are available for showing information. The upper line (1) of the display shows text and numbers. The Lower line (2) shows numbers only. The service code indicator is located on the left side of the upper readout. This light comes on when a fault has been detected. An indicator shows the units of the weight that is displayed. This indicator is located on the right side of the upper readout. A reweigh indicator is also present on the display. This indicator is located on the right side of the upper readout. The reweigh indicator comes on a faulty lift.Internal Battery
Illustration 2 g00581534
A battery is located in the back of the ECM. The battery is a 3 V lithium battery. This battery provides a long service life. The battery is used to power the date and the time functions when power is turned off to the ECM.All stored data is kept in Electronically Erasable Programmable Read Only

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