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PUMP GP 3599543 - Caterpillar

3599543 PUMP GP Caterpillar parts PUMP
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3599543 PUMP GP
Weight: 300 pounds 136 kg.

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Illustration 27. View of the HSMFS Injection Pump Group.
(3) Top of the 141-6730 Plunger shown flush with the 3P-1542 Barrel (4).3. Continue until the torque reaches 1.7 N m (15 lb in). The top of the 141-6730 Plunger (3) should be almost flush with the top of the 3P-1542 Barrel (4) at a torque of 1.7 N m (15 lb in).
Illustration 28. View of the HSMFS Injection Pump Group.
(5) 3P-1567 Dial Indicator.4. Zero the 3P-1567 Dial Indicator (5) to [.000 .010 mm (.000 .0004 in)]. The more the first 2N-2658 Bolt (1) is torqued, the more the 3P-1567 Indicator reads a negative value. When the 124-5932 Lever Assembly is clamped and the first 2N-2658 Bolt is loosened, then torqued, the second 2N-2658 Bolt (1) will also loosen. This results in a nonzero value.5. Back the first 2N-2658 Bolt (1) out to about .5 N m (4 lb in) and torque it again to 1.7 N m (15 lb in). The reading will probably not return to zero. Check the zero reading by flipping the 124-5940 Lever Assembly against the 126-7232 Dowel. Tap down on the 124-5941 Shaft to ensure it is down against the bottom of the clearance. The 124-5940 Lever Assembly should be in calibration.Checking the Calibration of the Next HSMFS Injection Pump Group Barrel Bore.
When turning the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly, always turn in a counterclockwise (CCW) motion. Turning the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly clockwise (CW) can break or weaken the 5P-6557 Spring.
1. Loosen and remove the 7W-8120 Bushing.2. Push down and turn the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly in a counterclockwise motion to line the 126-7232 Dowel up with the flat of the 141-6730 Plunger. Remove the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly.3. Move to the adjacent HSMFS Injection Pump Group barrel bore. Move to barrel bore number 8 if barrel bore number 1 was used for the first calibration. Otherwise move to any adjacent barrel bore. See the above illustrations to complete the following steps:4. The 141-6730 Plunger has a flat on the end of it. Insert the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly into the barrel bore. The 126-7232 Dowel should be flush with the flat. As the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly is turned counterclockwise the 8T-0116 O-Ring Seal compresses and the 126-7232 Dowel rotates into the slot. The bottom edge of the 141-6730 Plunger is held down against the lower machined edge, calibrating length and side to side.* The 7W-8120 Bushing is used to hold the correct length dimension for the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly in the barrel during the calibration process.5. Screw the 7W-8120 Bushing into the adjacent barrel bore over the 141-6727 Calibration Pump Assembly. Torque the 7W-8120 Bushing to 81.6 N m (60 lb ft). Wiggle the 124-5932 Lever Assembly by hand to make sure the 126-7232 Dowel is seated into the groove of the 141-6730 Plunger.Using the 3P-1567 Indicator.
* The 141-6737 Adjustable Microgauge consists of the 3H-1392 Socket Head Bolt and a block (no part number).1. Put the 141-6737 Adjustable Microgauge

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