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PUMP GP-PISTON 3967172 - Caterpillar

3967172 PUMP GP-PISTON Caterpillar parts PUMP
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Caterpillar 3967172 PUMP GP-PISTON
Weight: 53 pounds 24 kg.

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OIL FILLER TUBE AND BREATHER5. D334-D336 - Check the main shaft bearing oil reservoir level with engine stopped. Maintain the oil level at the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Add oil through the filler tube on top of the bearing cage housing. See the Lubrication and Maintenance chart for proper oil.6. To drain the reservoir: Remove the drain plug located on the lower right side of the shaft bearing reservoir.7. Install the drain plug and fill reservoir to the FULL mark on the oil level gauge. Install filler cap.Electric Set Generator
Inspecting Slip Ring
1. Remove the two lower panels from the rear of the generator housing.2. Inspect the slip ring color. The slip ring color may be shiny copper to straw, or chocolate to black, but the color must be uniform to indicate satisfactory operation.If the ring is basically one of the above shades, but contains blotches of green, blue or black, clean the ring with an electrical cleaning solvent.
Do not use gasoline or carbon tetrachloride. Both solvents will dissolve insulation. The vapors from carbon tetrachloride can be harmful when inhaled.
Green blotches are caused by chlorine vapors, blue blotches are caused by sulphuric fumes, black blotches are caused by oil.3. Inspect the slip ring for pitting. If the slip rings are rough, pitted, or worn eccentric, contact your Caterpillar dealer. The rings must be reconditioned.4. Check the following to determine the cause for pitting: A. Check the generator nameplate rating. The generator load must be within this rating.B. Check the brush tension.Inspecting Brushes
The brush must move freely within the holder, but with enough spring tension to prevent brush flotation during operation.
CHECKING BRUSH SPRING TENSIONIf brush tension is weak, push the spring forward into the next notch. If the spring is in the front notch, remove the brush and check the brush length. If the brush length is less than the minimum required, install a new brush. If the spring is moved forward and the brush tension is greater than chart specifications, release the spring one notch. Excessive spring tension will cause excessive brush wear.Installing New Brushes
1. Release spring tension.2. Disconnect the lead wire from the brush and pull the brush from the brush holder.3. Insert a new brush. Be sure it moves freely in the brush holder. Connect the lead wire.4. Place a narrow piece of "00" sandpaper between the brush and slip ring with the abrasive surface against the brush. (Never use emery cloth as the emery contains small metallic particles which will damage the copper.)5. Engage the spring in the middle notch.6. Slowly pull the sandpaper from beneath the brush.7. Remove all dust with a suction hose. If suction is not available, use a very low pressure blower. Do not use metal hose tips.8. Check brush tension.9. Install the two panels.Lubricating The Rear Bearing
1. Remove the two lower panels from the rear of the generator housing.2. Remove the upper and lower grease fitting plugs.3. Install the grease fitting in the upper threaded hole.4. Lubricate with

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