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RACE-SPL- 9W0232 - Caterpillar

9W0232 RACE-SPL- Caterpillar parts RACE
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Caterpillar 9W0232 RACE-SPL-
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Start By:a. remove governor drive 1. Remove O-ring seals (1), (2) and (3) from the front of the governor drive housing.2. Remove the bolts that hold adapter (4) in position, and pull adapter (4) from the housing. 3. Remove pinion (5), shims (6), seals (7) and (8) from adapter (4). Measure the thickness of shims (6), and put identification marks on them for assembly purposes. 4. Remove hose assembly (9)(not included on later machines), cover (11) and the gasket from governor drive housing (10). 5. Remove gear (13) and coupling (12) from housing (10) as a unit. 6. Remove ring (14) to remove coupling (12) from gear (13). 7. If necessary, remove bearing (15) from housing (10). The following steps are for assembly of the governor drive. 8. Align the oil hole in the bearing with the drilled oil passage in governor drive housing (10). Use tool group (A), and install bearing (15) in housing (10) until it is 1.0 0.5 mm (0.40 .02 in) below the surface of the housing. The inside diameter of the bearing after assembly is 34.072 0.039 mm (1.3414 .0015 in).9. Put coupling (12) in position in gear (13), and install ring (14) to hold the gear and coupling as a unit.10. Install coupling (12) and gear (13) as a unit in housing (10).11. Install pinion (5) in adapter (4). 12. Put adapter (4) and shims (6) of the original thickness in position, and install the bolts to hold the unit together.13. Make an adjustment of the gear clearance (backlash) between gear (13) and the pinion as follows:a. Install tool group (B) on gear (13) as shown to check the gear clearance (backlash) at four locations around gear (13) 90° apart.b. Hold the pinion in position, and push down while gear (13) is moved back and forth. Make a record of the indications on tool group (B). Use the lowest indication as the correct gear clearance (backlash) value. The correct gear clearance (backlash) is 0.100 + 0.050 or - 0.025 mm (.0039 + .0020 or - .0010 in).c. Add or subract shims (6) as necessary until the gear clearance (backlash) is correct.14. Remove tool group (B), the adapter and pinion from the housing. 15. Connect hose assembly (9) (if equipped) to housing (10). Put the gasket and cover (11) in position, and install the bolts and washers to hold them to housing (10). 16. Install seals (7) and (8) on adapter (4), and put clean engine oil on them.17. Install the correct amount of shims (6) and adapter (4) with the pinion in housing (10), and tighten the bolts. 18. If necessary, make a replacement of pins (16). Make sure the pins are 14 1 mm (.55 .04 in) above the surface of the housing.19. Install O-ring seal (2) and seals (1) and (3) on the front of the housing. Put clean engine oil on the seals.End By:a. install governor drive

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