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4647392 RECEPTACLE AS Caterpillar parts RECEPTACLE
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Caterpillar 4647392 RECEPTACLE AS

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Correct any problems with the installation after completing the rest of the procedure. If the turbocharger parts are damaged, then the unit should be replaced and corrective actions must be taken in order to prevent a recurrence of the problem.Turbine Wheel Checks
Remove the ducting from the turbine outlet. Use a light to perform the procedures.
Inspect the turbine for damage. This may not be easily visible from the turbine outlet unless the damage is severe. Determine the source of the object and check for possible engine damage.
Turn the rotating assembly by hand and feel for dragging for binding. The wheel should be able to turn without any rubbing or scraping noises. If the turbine has been operated at excessive temperatures, then the turbocharger is damaged. The turbocharger must be replaced.
Look for evidence of oil leakage. If deposits of oil are found, then determine whether the oil is from the engine or from the turbocharger center housing. Residues of oil can be cleaned. Heavy residues of oil may require the turbocharger to be replaced. If the oil is from the center housing, then remove the oil drain line and look into the opening for the turbocharger drain and drain line with a light. Check for a buildup of sludge on the shaft between the bearing journals, in the cavity of the drain and in the drain line.Check the items below in order to determine the cause of the problem.
Restricted draining or high crankcase pressure can raise the pressure of the center area of the drain above the pressure in the housing of the turbine that forces oil in that direction.
Damaged oil drain lineCorrect any problems with the installation after completing the rest of this procedure. If turbocharger parts are damaged, the unit should be replaced. Corrective actions should be taken in order to prevent a recurrence of the problem.Compressor Wheel and Rotating Assembly Check
Check for signs of sludge in the center housing. Sludge in the center housing may not be evident by inspecting the end housings. Evidence of this condition will be found in advanced cases by looking for deposits of oil in the oil inlet. Also check the area of the oil drain.Turn the rotating assembly by hand. Look for any evidence of wheel rub. Wheel rub can be caused by loose bearings or distorted housings as well as damaged bearings.Note: If the compressor wheel has not rubbed the compressor housing, it is unlikely that the bearings are worn.Look for evidence of leakage either oil or coolant. These items are described below.
Loose connections or improper connections
Improper gaskets or gasket material
Casting porosityMain Reasons for Turbocharger Failure
Lack of lubrication
Contaminated oil
High exhaust temperature.
Foreign objects
Problems with the turbochargerInstalling a Replacement Turbocharger
Ensure that the new turbocharger is undamaged externally before installation.Installing a New Turbocharger
The instructions below must be used or premature failure of the turbocharger could occur and warranty claim would not be accepted.
Before fitting the turbocharger, ensure that there is no debris in the air cleaner,

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