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RING 4646317 - Caterpillar

4646317 RING Caterpillar parts RING
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Caterpillar 4646317 RING
Weight: 0.92 pounds 0 kg.

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Dead Engine Lower
Illustration 3 g01357542
(1) Hydraulic oil tank (2) Lift cylinders (3) Engine (4) Tilt cylinder (5) Angle cylinders (6) Left hystat pump (7) Right hystat pump (8) Charge pump for the right hystat pump (9) Pump for the winch (if equipped) (10) Charge pump for the winch (if equipped) (11) Implement pump (12) Fan pump (A) Inlet manifold (B) Bulldozer lift control section (C) Bulldozer tilt control section (D) Bulldozer angle control section (E) Ripper lift control section (F) End cover (14) Load sensing relief valve (15) Blade lift control valve (16) Line relief and makeup valve (17) Flow compensator valve (18) Blade tilt control valve (19) Blade angle control valve (20) Ripper control valve (21) Ripper cylinder (22) Fan motor (23) Fan reversing valve (24) Pump compensator valve (25) Flow to the winch control valve (26) Flow to the "Y Port" of the winch pump. (27) Flow from the charge circuit of the left drive pump (28) Flow to the oil cooler (29) Flow to the charge circuit of the left drive pump (30) Back Pressure Valve (31) Load Sensing Boost (32) Pilot Shutoff Valve (33) Demand Fan Solenoid Valve (34) Reversing solenoid Valve (35) Hydraulic Fan Valve (36) Crossover Relief Valve (37) AccumulatorThe implement circuit may still be operated when the engine is dead. The key must be in the ON position. Accumulator (37) stores potential energy while the engine is running by accumulating a quantity of pressurized hydraulic oil. When the engine is dead, the accumulator supplies oil to the pilot valve.As the operator moves the joystick the oil flows from accumulator (37) to the end of the lift valve spool (15). The spool is shifted and the oil that was trapped in the lift cylinders flows back to the hydraulic tank as gravity lowers the attachment to the ground.When the front of the machine is off of the ground, there is pressure on the rod end of lift cylinders (2). Oil from the accumulator can now be used as pilot oil in order to shift lift valve spool (15) to the LOWER position. The oil that was trapped in the rod end of the lift cylinders flows back to the hydraulic tank as the machine lowers.Dead Electronic Lower
Illustration 4 g01358439
CONTROL VALVE (Blade Lift)If the engine is dead and the electronics are dead then the oil pressure that is stored in the accumulator is not usable for lowering the lift cylinders. If this is the case then (19A) needs to be turned and the oil from the lift cylinders flows back to the tank as gravity lowers the attachment.Dead Accumulator and Dead Engine Lower
If the accumulator has no charge then use the process that is located in "Dead Electronic Lower" in order to lower the attachment.Note: The implement valve bank contains the control valve (blade lift) which is located under the floor of the operator station.Control Valve (Float)
Illustration 5 g01357101
(1) Port to the head end (2) Check valve (3) Signal pressure passage (4) Pressure compensator valve (5)

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