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ROD 1C4008 - Caterpillar

1C4008 ROD Caterpillar parts PR-450, PR-450C ROD
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Caterpillar 1C4008 ROD
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COLD PLANER  PR-450   PR-450C   Caterpillar
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Personal injury can result from flame cutting or welding on painted areas.The effect of gasses from burned paint is a hazard to the person doing the cutting or welding.Do not flame cut or weld on painted areas.
Before carrying out arc welding on the machine or on any equipment attached to the machine, disconnect all power and ground leads from the batteries in order to avoid possible damage to electronic components.
All grease, water, paint, rust, dirt, and scale must be removed before welding. Any of these materials will discharge gas which will cause porosity in the weld deposit. Water and rust will cause hydrogen embrittlement. Hydrogen embrittlement causes cracks in the weld deposit.Remove paint, rust, dirt, and scale with a wire brush or by buffing or grinding. Shot blasting all work areas will also remove foreign material.Remove any oil or grease that is on the boom with a Caterpillar approved solvent.Before you do any welding, remove all foreign material and paint a minimum of 50 mm (2.0 inch) beyond the area of the weld.Cover all finished bores and threads. Finished bores and threads must be protected from all of the following items: foreign material, welding, gouging and weld splatters. Do not remove the covers before the area gets painted.Installation Procedure
Table 1
Required Parts    
Item     Qty     Part No.     Part Name    
1     1     260-8590     Shuttle Valve Gp    
2     2     329-8607     Step As    
3     1     344-9019     Valve Manifold Gp    
4     5     155-0257     Boss    
5     6     198-4778     Hard Washer    
6     6     8T-4956     Bolt    
7     2     9C-4935     Plate    
Illustration 2 g02799126
RH lift arm (inside view) (A) Use this boss as a reference (B) 79.2 2 mm (3.1 0.08 inch) (C) 97 2 mm (3.9 0.08 inch) (D) 450 2 mm (17.7 0.08inch) (E) 82 2 mm (3.2 0.08 inch) (F) 170 2 mm (6.7 0.084 inch) (G) 320 2 mm (12.6 0.08 inch) (H) 387 2 mm (15.2 0.08 inch) (J) 10 2 mm (0.4 0.08 inch) (K) 139 2 mm (5.5 0.08 inch) (4) 155-0257 Boss (7) 9C-4935 Plate (W1) AWS A5.18 ER70S-2 or equivalent
Weld plates (7) and bosses (4) to the right hand lift arm.
Illustration 3 g02799736
Bucket Control Group
Illustration 4 g02798777
(M) 50.5 2 mm (2 0.014 inch) (N) 98.4 2 mm (3.9 0.08 inch) (P) 363-1263 Bracket (W1) AWS A5.18 ER70S-2 or equivalent
Locate bracket (P) supplied in the 363-1280 Coupler Lines Gp . Weld bracket (P) .
Illustration 5 g02799939
(2) 329-8607 Step As (5) 198-4778 Hard Washer (6) 8T-4956 Bolt (L) Remove step.
Remove the existing step on each lift arm (L). Grind surface smooth on lift arms.
Attach step assembly (2) to

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
PR-450C Cold Planer 7PJ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3408 Engine

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