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SCRAPER AS 1246246 - Caterpillar

1246246 SCRAPER AS Caterpillar parts CB-544, CB-545 SCRAPER
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1246246 SCRAPER AS
Weight: 13 pounds 6 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 1246246:

VIBRATORY COMPACTOR  CB-544   CB-545   Caterpillar
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(1) Torque for bolts (twelve) ... 88 7 N m (65 5 lb. ft.)(2) Torque for bolt ... 88 7 N m (65 5 lb. ft.)(3) Torque for bolts (four) ... 24 7 N m (18 5 lb. ft.)(4) Torque for bolts (two) ... 24 7 N m (18 5 lb. ft.)(5) 8J438 Spring: Length under test force ... 41.40 mm (1.63 in.)Test force ... 12.90 .9 N (2.9 .2 lb.)Free length after test ... 68.33 mm (2.69 in.)Outside diameter ... 11.91 mm (.469 in.)(6) 8J6241 Spring: Length under test force ... 23.6 mm (0.93 in.)Test force ... 1200 96 N (270 21.6 lb.)Free length after test ... 33.8 mm (1.33 in.)Outside diameter ... 49.78 mm (1.960 in.)(12) Torque for bolts (eight) ... 88 7 N m (65 5 lb. ft.)(16) Torque for bolts (six) ... 88 7 N m (18 5 lb. ft.)Bearing Adjustment
1. Freeze (make a reduction in temperature) bearing cups (8) and (9) for two hours minimum.2. Heat bearing cones (7) and (11) in oven that is 121 to 135° C (250 to 275° F) for 1 hour minimum.3. Install cups (8) and (9) in the body. Apply pressure to get proper seating: 81 kN (9 tons) for large cup (8) and 63 kN (7 tons) for small cup (9).
Wait a short period between the installation of the first cup and turning the body over to install the second cup.
4. Install heated cone (7) on drive plate (14) with a minimum force of 81 kN (9 tons).5. Set drive plate assembly on top face and install the body over the drive plate.6. Install heated cone (11) on drive plate (14) with a hand driver. Do not use a hydraulic press to install the small cone because this will seat the bearings too tight.7. Check the torque needed to turn the drive plate. Adjust (seat) the small cone to get a torque of 0.6 to 1.3 N m (5 to 12 lb. in.).8. Turn the drive plate back and forth and apply a 1780 to 2000 N (400 to 450 lb.) axial force to the end of the plate.9. Use a dial indicator and make a measurement of the axial movement of the drive plate when the force is applied.10. Do Steps 8 and 9 with the force applied to the opposite end of the drive plate. Do not move the indicator.11. Make a measurement of the axial movement of the drive plate and add it to the indicator measurement in Step 9. The total (sum) indicator reading must be 0.013 to 0.051 mm (.0005 to .0020 in.).12. Make a measurement of the distance from the face of cone (11) to the shoulder of drive plate (14).13. Install shims (10), equal to measurement in Step 12. Install lock (13) and nut (15).Thicknesses of shims available are: 8J6277 Shim ... 1.24 mm (.049 in.)8J6278 Shim ... 0.08 mm (.003 in.)8J6279

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
CB-544 Vibratory Compactor 8FM00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054 Engine
CB-545 Vibratory Compactor 2FS00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3054 Engine

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