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SCREW 2333442 - Caterpillar

2333442 SCREW Caterpillar parts HH45, HH55, HH65, HH75 SCREW
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Caterpillar 2333442 SCREW
Weight: 0.19 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2333442:

HARVESTER HEAD  HH45   HH55   HH65   HH75   Caterpillar
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1. Drain the oil from the hydraulic tank.2. Remove tube assembly (1) from the hoist hydraulic pump.3. Disconnect hose assembly (2). 4. Fasten tool (A) to the pump with a 3/8"-16 NC bolt 1.25 in. (32 mm) long as shown. Fasten a hoist to tool (A).5. Remove two bolts (3) and the washers. Remove hoist hydraulic pump (4) from the pump drive.Install Hoist Hydraulic Pump
1. Check the O-ring seal on the pump for wear or damage. If necessary, make a replacement.2. Fasten tool (A) to the pump with a 3/8"-16 NC bolt 1.25 in. (32 mm) long as shown.3. Fasten a hoist to tool (A). Put hoist hydraulic pump (1) in position on the pump drive. Install the bolts and washers that hold it.4. Check the O-ring seals on the hose and tube assemblies for wear or damage. If necessary, make a replacement. 5. Connect hose assembly (3) to the hoist hydraulic pump.6. Install tube assembly (2).7. Fill the hydraulic tank with oil to the correct level. See the Maintenance Guide.Disassemble Hoist Hydraulic Pump
START BY:a. remove hoist hydraulic pump 1. Clean the outside of the pump thoroughly. Put a mark on the pump body and flange so they will not be mixed at assembly.2. Remove O-ring seal (1).3. Remove eight bolts (3) and the washers. Remove flange (2) from the pump body. 4. Remove O-ring seal (4) from the bottom of the flange. 5. Remove two lip seals (5) and the ring from the top of the flange. 6. Remove isolation plate (7), ring retainer (6), O-ring seal (8) and back-up ring (9) from the pump body. 7. Lift the drive gear until upper pressure plate (10) is removed from the pump. Put the drive gear back in position

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Caterpillar parts catalog
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554, 564, 574B, HH45
1559625 SCREW
HH55, HH65, HH75
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