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Caterpillar 1247011 SEAL KIT

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The release tools fit together to make a small group for easy storage and to prevent damage to the tools.Procedure For Removal Of Contacts From VE Connectors (16 - 18 Gauge)
1 Loosen harness clamp (1) on the VE connector (2).2 Use 6V6 Connector Pliers (3) to remove the back shell of connector (2).3 Cut the braid back on a harness approximately 100 to 125 (3.9" to 4.9") so that the back shell can be moved away from the connector.4 Move back shell (4) away from the connector to permit removal and installation of a contact.5 Make a selection of the correct release tool for the wire size to be removed. Put the tip of 6V4812 Release Tool (5) in a lubricant (alcohol) before installation in the connector. Put the tip of release tool (5) over the wire to be removed and start it into the insulator inside the connector. After application of the lubricant, the surface must be clean when dry.6 Start release tool (5) over the back edge of contact (6). This must be done by feel and when the tool goes over the edge, slide the tool completely in to release the spring grip fingers of retaining clip (7).
Do not turn the release tool during release of the retaining clip; this can either destroy the retaining clip or break the tool.
7 With release tool (5) in position as shown, remove the tool and contact (6) from the insulator.8 Cut the old contact from the wire with 6V3001 Crimping and Stripping Tool (8). Remove the insulation from the wire, to the correct length shown below, with tool (8).9 Install the new contact on the wire. The stripped wires should be in the small "U" opening of the contact and the insulation in the large "U" opening of the contact. Put the small "U" opening of the contact in the small crimping jaws of tool (8). Make sure the stripped end of the wire is completely in the "U" opening.10 Completely close the jaws of tool (8). Put the large "U" opening of the contact in the large jaws of the tool and completely close the jaws of tool (8).11 To be sure of good electrical and physical characteristics, use solder on the contact and stripped end of the wire. A correct installation of the contact on the wire is shown.
Use only rosin core solder on any electrical connection.
Installation Of Contacts In VE Connectors (16 - 18 Gauge)
1 Put 6V4812 Release Tool (1) over contact (2) for support during installation. Put the contact in a lubricant (alcohol) and then install it into the insulator with release tool (1).2 Push contact (2) into the insulator until the tip of tool (1) is beyond the seal rings, as shown, and the wire can be easily slid back and forth in the tool. Hold the wire and push it through the tool until a positive click (sound) is felt and heard. The retaining clips have engaged the contact.3 Remove release tool

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